Fitness Tips: How Sage Cattabriga-Alosa stays on top of his game

Fitness Tips: How Sage Cattabriga-Alosa stays on top of his game

The road to pro-skierdom is a road seldom traveled for a few obvious reasons: excruciating amounts of physical training and practice, an unyielding level of mental toughness and, of course, you need that little bit of raw God-given talent. With the level of competition on the rise, professional skiers are facing serious pressure; the fight to remain in the top-tier is increasingly difficult.

You see them at events, you see them in the movies, and you see them in the magazines, but what you don’t see is how hard these athletes are working behind the scenes to stay on top of their game. Fitness and mental training become all the more important to retain status and respect. We’re checking in with some of the biggest names in the sport to see how they train in the off-season. For those of you aspiring athletes out there, you’d better bust out your pen and take some notes.

In this latest installation, we check in with TGR-star and all around rockstar Sage Cattabriga-Alosa.


FS: Tell us about your diet.

SC-A: I eat pretty well but don't have a strict diet. I choose to eat organic and local whenever possible, I also aim for lots of fruits and vegetables when in season. Fish, chicken and red meat on occasion. While I prefer eating well, life on the road sometimes makes it difficult to be selective. So as with all things in life, everything in moderation.

How does training benefit you as a skier?

Training is very beneficial for progression in anything. Being in shape, healthy, and mentally ready for your tasks at hand will help you perform at a top level.


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What's your favorite exercise? For me, exercise that is fun is the only way; unless I am rehabbing my body you wont find me in a gym much. Occasionally while traveling without access to my normal activities I will dabble in the gym experience. And when there, its stationary bike, (for cardio and warm up) and then followed by stretching.

What are some alternative workouts you enjoy? All of the work outs I do involve a specific activity. Mountain biking being the primary off season activity, but I also skateboard, do yoga and some rock climbing as cross training.

What's your favorite place to workout? Outside.

Favorite stoke-up workout song? Hyphy [San Fransisco] Bay area hip-hop gets me going… Zion I, Mac Dre, and the like.

Favorite workout apparel/accessories? I love the new mountain bike line from The North Face, the Silicate short and Murry D jersey are my go-to pieces, otherwise it's boardshorts and a tee.



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