First Golden Ticket for Free Skis For Life Contest found in Logan, Utah.

First Golden Ticket for Free Skis For Life Contest found in Logan, Utah.

Earlier today, Nico Virgi, a college student at the Univeristy of Utah, walked out of Al’s Sporting Goods in Logan, Utah with a new pair of K2 Kung Fujas and the first of five Golden Tickets that are hidden around the country. A scratchable ticket is given away at hundreds of shops nation wide with a purchase of a pair of Factory Series K2 skis and five of them contain the magic winning gold underneath the silver scratch.

“I’m so stoked,” said Nico, after winning the ticket. “I’m just amazed right now.”

Listen to the full audio interview:

Nico had come into Al’s earlier in the week to look at skis and was initially tempted to look at a pair of symmetrical twins, but after some consideration, thought the Kung Fujas, with the wider footprint and slight rocker would be a more versatile ride for the Utah pow.

“He didn’t have the funds earlier in the week, so we set aside the skis for him,” said store manager Tim Kofoed, who was on hand when the winning took place. “He came back in today and took a ticket off the top of the stack that we have up by the cash register. He took his lucky nickel out of his wallet, had everyone around him blow on it, and started scratching away.”

Nico started getting excited and asking, “Does this mean I won? Does this mean I won?” when he say the gold popping through.

Sure enough, he found the first winning ticket and is now qualified to win free skis for life from K2.

Once all five tickets are claimed, the winners will be flown to Seattle to tour the K2 factory with Seth Morrison and possibly get a chance to make some turns with the living legend.

“I’ve never met Seth,” said Nico. “I’ve watched many of his videos, but not had the chance to meet him. So I’m very excited about that.”

If Nico does end up being as lucky as Charlie Bucket, and wins the ultimate prize of Free Skis For Life, he says he’ll keep the stoke going and pay if forward by handing down his old skis to kids who can’t afford to purchase their own.

“This really couldn’t have happened to a nicer kid,” says Kofoed. “And apparently he shreds, so we’ll have to see what happens!”

Find out how you too can win Free K2 Skis for Life, click here.

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