Finalists Announced for $5,000 Best Photo Sequence Contest

Finalists Announced for $5,000 Best Photo Sequence Contest

The SanDisk Best Photo Sequence Contest officially closed on Thursday after nearly 300 people entered, vying for the $5,000 cash prize, awarded to each a ski photo and a snowboard photo.

We’ve narrowed down those entries to just 10 ski shots and 10 snowboard shots. Our panel of judges — including FS Editor Matt Harvey, FS Photo Editor, Shay Williams, Snowbaord Editor Chris Owen, Snowboard Staff Photographer, Mike Basher and photographer extraordinaire, Chase Jarvis — is now going through the finalists with a fine-tooth comb, rating each photo in four different categories: technical execution, composition/creativity, action and overall impression. The winner will be announced by May 1, 2010.

Here are the ski sequence finalists, shown in no particular order:

Tim Durtschi on Chad’s Gap

Tom Wallisch at Park City by @rocmaloney

PK Hunder in Switzerland

Andre Humas at Park City by @rocmaloney

Wiley Miller by Endre Lovaas

PG Conrardy in France

Calvin Hawley at Park City

Jacob Wester in Sweden by Ben Zucker

Ian McIntosh

McRae Williams by Roc Maloney

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