Fill in the Blanks Friday: Rachael Burks

Fill in the Blanks Friday: Rachael Burks

In case you don’t know much about women’s big mountain skiing, I’ll let you in on a little secret. Rachael Burks rips! Burks is known for her all out style and crazy personality. Not afraid to huck her carcass off of really large cliffs and charge gnarly lines at high speeds Burks has become one of the leading ladies of freesking.

Knowing Burks and her zany personality we thought she’d be a perfect candidate for Fill in the Blanks Friday. While vacationing in Mexico, we caught up with miss Burks. Check out one of the most entertaining Fill in the Blank Fridays to date with big mountain shredder Rachael Burks.


Name: Rachael Burks
Age: 29
Hometown: SLC, Utah
Sponsors: PeakPerformance, Dynastar, Look, Lange, Smith Optics and Helmets, Backcountry.com, Hesetra, Discrete, The Levitation Project, Alta, Snowbird, Brighton

Fill in the Blanks

The last song that played on my iPod was “Another Day in Quicksand” – In Flames.

My brother is the craziest skier I know, because he only skis a few days a season and SENDS IT.

My favorite dish at Thanksgiving dinner is the stuffing.

Filming with TGR is efffffing awesome.

“I ski black diamonds” is the best pick up line that has been used on me. 

I started skiing when I was 3…. ish

My favorite grade in school was 1st because I learned about centrifugal force and I discovered Luke Skywalker.

The best meal I’ve had in the past month is fish tacos…. finished them 5 minutes ago, fish was caught 1 hour ago.

Yesterday, off a sand dune was the last time I did a spread eagle. 

One place everybody should visit is The Grand Canyon (cliche–but so incredible).

Coke from a gas station fountain is my favorite type of soda. 

Something you might not know about me is I’m good at doing hair. 

If I were in a street fight i’d bring a granade.

My favorite color growing up was sparkle now it is sparkle

One thing I take skiing with me everyday besides my gear is lip screen. 

“Sit on the toilet for a bit, you’ll feel better” are words to live by. 

Shout outs to the next generation of female ripper chicks

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