Fill in the Blanks Friday: Jossi Wells

Fill in the Blanks Friday: Jossi Wells

Jossi Wells had what some people would call an “ok” season. At the end of the 2010 season Jossi flew back home to New Zealand with hardware from X Games, Euro X, the Breckenridge and Snowbasin Dew Tour stops, a Dew Cup Championship and an AFP title. Jossi also informed us that besides skiing, skating and fashion he enjoys filling in the blanks so we let him have a crack at it. Check it out.

Holla at cha boy!

Personal Info:

Name: Jossi Wells

Date of Birth: 18.05.90. Yes, that’s the order we do it in NZ.

Height: 5’6″ish

Weight: 145lbs

Hometown: Wanaka NZ

Sponsors: Nike6.0, Monster Energy, Atomic, Oakley, Empire Attire, Keystone Resort, Cardrona Resort, Mons Royal, Giro, SkullCandy

Fill in the Blanks:

My Favorite Candy is Skittles

Byron Wells is my favorite person(s) to ride with.

If someone played me in a movie I would want it to be James Dean

The most played song on my iPod is No Quitter Go Getter -Lil’ Wayne

Jossi meet the wall, wall meet Jossi

The one place I want to visit that i’ve never been to is London or Egypt

Broken in Ã…re Sweden has the best hamburgers!

If i had to describe skiing in one word it would be Just the start…

The best skater in the world is P-Rod, hands down


My favorite half-pipe trick is cork 5 blunt

Skateboarding is my inspiration.

Ladies love your kiwi accent, true or false? Pshhh. You know what it is. Ha!

One skier everyone should watch out for is my little brothers Beau-James & Jackson. Can’t overlook Max Hill either, Always fresh.

Just another day for Jossi.

The most recent thing i bought was A ring

Being a pro skier is an amazing chance i’ve been given to make a living, doing what i love.

One thing people might not know about me is I really like fashion, and wan’t to get more into it.

Favorite movie of all time The Blues Brothers.

Jossi “on a mission from god”.

If I won the lottery i would invest, so i didn’t have to work after my skiing career.

My favorite pair of Nike shoes are my Black Braata’s.

For more of Jossi visit his blog and check out Winter of Wells.

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