Few and Far Between: Whistler shredding with Sean Pettit and Jeff Boake

Few and Far Between: Whistler shredding with Sean Pettit and Jeff Boake

It’s on again. After weeks on end of mixed conditions, it’s been an interesting season so far here in Whistler. Jaded and perhaps under the high hopes of a repeat La Niña year, expectations were high. However, it has been far from a repeat performance. We’ve had a few solid storms this season, but they’ve been closely followed by warm and somewhat unstable weather patterns. High freezing levels and droughts have made it a tough go for us backcountry types. However, that doesn’t mean we haven’t been getting after it, and it doesn’t really give us the right to make any complaints, it’s just how it has been.

I personally watch the weather like a hawk, and when the blip shows up on my radar I start to prepare. When I saw the first decent dump in a month coming in, I knew we had to be in position to score it. I rallied Sean Pettit and Jeff Boake to hit Sproatt trees on this particular day. These trees have only been good maybe once or twice this season. They’re exposed to the southwest sun, which leaves them vulnerable to an afternoon baking. We decided to head out in the wake of the storm and get pitted amongst a light 50 cm dusting of the good stuff. The trees in this particular area are old and well spaced, making them a perfect go to when the clouds are in attendance. Not too many people venture here, which keeps the tracks to a minimum, and the turns wide open for us.




Sean negotiates a small drop.

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