Fastest Ginger EveR

Fastest Ginger EveR

I LOVE TO SKI! Nothing thrills me more then flying down a mountain. I think that feeling started at age 2 when mom and dad let go and I went straight down the bunny hill. I’ve been sharing my passion for, 8 years, skiing with others as a ski instructor at Vail. I go fast and am afraid of nothing, thanks to 5 years in Crested Butte. Blah blah I can ski whatever!

I want to be Lange girl, why? They are beautiful and rip down anything…or at least they should…be able to rip everything. A Lange girl should be someone girls and Ladies can look up to as a roll model and that’s me! Ask the teenage girls I have been working with for 3 years they would agree and so would several other instructors.

If your up for a challenge come ski with me!

O I also Race Downhill Mountain bikes, Cross country bikes and Dirt bikes. Coach and Play Soccer. Tele ski, rock climb a little, hike 14teeners and LOVE disc golf! I’ll try everything.

Favorite Song: Oh Ah!
Favorite Food: Burgers!

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