An Exclusive Interview with Causwell’s Newest Rider, Eric Pollard

An Exclusive Interview with Causwell’s Newest Rider, Eric Pollard

Congrats to Eric Pollard on becoming the newest member of the Causwell family.

We caught up with Eric to chat with him about the new sponsor and new threads he’ll be sporting this winter.

You’re a pretty big name in the ski game. You could have most likely signed with the Nike’s and The North Face’s of the world. However, you chose Causwell. What led you to that decision?

I’ve always chosen my sponsors by how they approach the sport, the direction they want to go, and how much freedom they give me. Line Skis is a perfect example of a company that has allowed me to change products, try radical designs and stand behind me no matter how unpopular it is. I designed a 130 waist ski with early rise eight years ago. Line and myself got laughed at everywhere we went. Today, if you look at most powder skis they have imitated our design. In that way I’m able to make small, lasting contributions to skiing.  

Causwell has made the commitment to give me total creative freedom to try new things. Clothing, more than music, skis or hobbies, is how someone invents their identity. I want to help create a clothing company that skiers can identify with. Most outerwear companies in skiing are from a different generation, run by people from a different generation. The general style of skiing has changed so much in recent years, Causwell will and can provide a fresh style.

What’s the history behind you and Causwell? How did you start talking with them, etc?

I’ve known Mike Schneider (Causwell creator) for some time now. We have collaborated on a couple projects in the past, and I enjoyed working with him. We have a very similar vision to where clothing design can go in skiing, and we share the same perspective on the entire sport.

Any plans for a Pollard collection in the future?

Just working on Causwell for now.

What are you looking forward to most about working with Causwell?

The ability to design an entire line and see it come to life. It’s a long process, but i really enjoy creating designs.  

We are about to get our second round of revised samples back and I’m really excited to see the revisions applied to the designs. It is cool to see each feature, fabric, zipper, pocket, fit, color, etc., come together to give the piece a very distinctive function and look.

Speaking of outerwear where do you see ski fashion going? Are we headed toward taller tee’s or tighter pants?

Fashion can go in multiple directions. Some kids can follow hip hop trends and wear skirts for shirts. They are kind of like medieval tunics if you ask me. While others can take inspiration from alternative/emo fashion and wear their girlfriends jeans.  It’s all okay with me, I like it all.  

There is plenty of room for everyone. Causwell will not necessarily subscribe to either of those trends, but will bring a clean, functional look to skiing.

If you had to pick one Nimbus member to walk the runway in a fashion show, who would it be and why?

Ike Smith. He is tall as hell, and has some runway experience from Hood River already.

Shout outs?

Huge thanks to everyone at Causwell for putting so much trust in me and allowing me to design the line.

For more visit www.causwell.com.

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