Erik Roner Ski-Base Jumps For Shane

Erik Roner Ski-Base Jumps For Shane

This was a heavy day. I spotted this line — which I since named Shane’s Thumb — in 2008 while filming in Haines, AK with TGR. The conditions weren’t right and I was unable to ski the line that season. I returned home to Tahoe and showed McConkey photos of what I had found. In his usual comical manor he laughed and told me I screwed up because he was headed to Haines the next week, with the new intention of trying to find and poach that line from me. Lucky for me, he couldn’t find it.

My time in Alaska this season came with a lot of bad weather and many days stuck in a hotel room. One dreary morning, on our fourth down day in a row, Jeremy Jones knocked on my door with a distressed look on his face. Before he opened his mouth I knew what had happened. He told me of Shane’s accident. The next two days brought more weather and I spent them cooped up in my hotel room dealing with the loss of a good friend and hero. It was a dark and emotional couple of days for me.


The clouds finally lifted and we were able to get into the mountains. The crew asked if I wanted to make the special trip to the ski BASE zone. With Shane’s death, I wasn’t sure if this was the right timing. I considered holding off. But then I realized I should head right there; I knew Shane would be pissed if I passed it up.

With McConkey on everyone’s mind, we headed for the zone. Everything was set up perfectly: blue skies, stable snow and no wind. Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, Ian McIntosh and Seth Morrison helped me pack my parachute on the glacier and kept the stoke high. I dropped in and everything went to plan. When my parachute opened I gave out the loudest yell I think I’ve ever yelled. I was so pumped and felt so good. It was more of a release than anything. Shane was always the fi rst one I would call or tell when I hit a bitchin’ line. This time I knew he was watching. I miss you buddy. — Erik Roner

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