Elevator Music and Skis: The True Story of the Online Buyer’s Guide

Elevator Music and Skis: The True Story of the Online Buyer’s Guide

Whether you’re in the market for new skis, goggles, or that perfect one-piece to complete your gaper-inspired wardrobe, the 2009 Online Buyer’s Guide is definitely the best place to start. With over 400 items, amazing pictures, and video ski reviews , this year’s Buyer’s Guide leaves no stone unturned, so you can find the best gear possible for this season.

Don’t trust your own instincts when it comes spending a lot of cash. Take a look at our “Cream of the Crop” choices: skis that our testers feel are pretty much the $%!#! And check out our “Editor’s Picks” section and find out what they’re riding and wearing. Either way, you’ll end up with the best of the best.

As we all know, skis are no longer just two little planks that get you from A to B on that stuff we call snow. Oh no! They’ve become art. These days, skis rock some of the sweetest graphics imaginable, which is why you’ll notice that every photo in the Buyer’s Guide is featured in high resolution, for your ultimate viewing pleasure. Download and display these timeless works of artistry anywhere you please ;). For all you Facebook fanatics out there (aka everyone)— you can even let your friends know what you’ll be riding this season by posting your favorites on your profile.

Don’t forget to check out the video reviews! Watch our editors show off tester and editor favorites as the smooth rhythms of cheesy jazz music hypnotize you into a state of consumerism.

Lastly, after checking out all the options, just click on the link to Backcountry.com under “Find it Online” and start spending.

Head over to the 2009 Online Buyer’s Guide today!

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