Electric has an iPhone Application, attention nerds!

Electric has an iPhone Application, attention nerds!

If you’ve got an iPod Touch or iPhone listen up.

Electric just released their “Electric Visual” application up into the iTunes Music Store for FREE.

What does it do? Glad you asked. First, head to the iTunes Music Store and search for “Electric Visual”, you will find this lovely page.

Download that ish and sync it up to your iPhone or iPod Touch. Launch it and here’s what you will see.

Stay on top of everything Electic in their latest news section.

Want to cop some new Electric gear? Not a problem, the app can find your current location and guide you to the nearest location where you can spend some duckets.

Looks like I’m headed to Satellite to spend some of the millions of dollars I make here at Freeskier. Keep reading folks, it keeps me gainfully employed.

Thankfully the Electric app can guide me there since I have no sense of direction. I should probably have an intern drive me there since I think I’m still hammered from last night.

Punch up iTunes on your computer, hit the App Store button on your iPod Touch or iPhone and go get this app. It has way more features than I managed to mention here. Video, direct links to call Electric and spill your praises on how cool you look in their new gear, pictures and info on their entire product line and more.

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