Dynastar Ski Review

Dynastar Ski Review

Dynastar has grown its freeride line this year and once again shows its strength with an impressive selection. Its flagship park ski, the Trouble Maker, is back and slightly modified with strangely inspired graphics and the Legend Pro series has returned as well for all the big-mountain aficionados. Dynastar also has an extensive women’s line up coined “Exclusive” that goes head-to-head with the men’s product.

Legend Pro XXL

Length: 194
Dimensions: 132-109-122
MSRP: $1000 Stoke: 8

Given the length, dimensions and stiffness of this ski, it’s no surprise that the performance range of the XXL is on the narrow side. This ski has “big power” and “holds up in deep pow very well” but for those not blessed with a linebacker physique or a solid race background, the XXL can seem “clumsy” and be “hard to turn.”

Legend Pro Rider

Length: 176, 186, 194
Dimensions: 124-97-116
MSRP: $1000 Stoke: 9

The Legend Pro incorporates a similar core to the XXL, a blend of wood and acrylic designed by Dynastar’s racing department that increases durability for careening down steeps. The Pro “powers through crud” and impressed testers with its versatility. “This is a ski I could ride day in and day out” and “this is a one-ski quiver” are testaments to the impressive performance of the Pro. Oh, and scoring a 9 on the stoke meter isn’t too bad either. Highly recommended.

Big Trouble

Length: 166, 176, 186
Dimensions: 124-92-114
MSRP: $750 Stoke: 8

One of the most versatile skis Dynastar makes, the Big Trouble couples a twin-tip design with a wood core featuring the company’s Spring Blade construction for liveliness. According to testers, the BT has “a lot of pop” and is “great switch.” While not a true big-mountain ski, the BT isn’t a true park ski either, making it an ideal choice for the skier who likes to go everywhere and do everything, without sacrificing performance.

She’s Trouble BC

Length: 166, 176
Dimensions: 124-92-114
MSRP: $750 Stoke: N/A

The She’s Trouble BC is essentially the same ski as the Big Trouble with some hot pink graphics that picture the Hindu elephant god Ganesha. Ganesha is the Lord of success and the destroyer of evils and obstacles, which is what the She’s Trouble BC will do for you. This ski slays the powder and backcountry with the authority of other Dynastar offerings.

Exclusive Legend Powder

Length: 158, 165, 172, 178
Dimensions: 121-85-104
MSRP: $800 Stoke: 7.5

The Exclusive Legend Powder found praise amongst our lighter female testers. “It was great for turning quickly in tight places,” said one tester. “Very versatile,” said another. This ski wasn’t as burly as the other women’s ski, the Exclusive Legend Pro Rider and, depending on skill level and size, our female testers preferred one or the other. Congrats to Dynastar for making a series of female specific skis to cover a range of athletes.

Trouble Maker

Length: 160, 168, 175, 181
Dimensions: 116-81-106
MSRP: $600 Stoke: 6.5
Jumps: 8 Pipe: 7
Playfulness: 6 All-Mtn: 6

The Trouble Maker increased its waist width this year making the Trouble Maker into a better all mountain tool. However, the increased stiffness, due to reinforced sidewalls and added girth, made the ski seem heavier and not quite as playful to some testers. It was still voted a good all around ski and would be “great for someone who doesn’t want to fully devote themselves to park but still wants the feel of a solid twin tip.”

Nothing But Trouble

Length: 155, 165, 175, 182
Dimensions: 112-78-102
MSRP: $450 Stoke: 7.5
Jumps: 8 Pipe: 9
Playfulness: 8 All-Mtn: 7

With the same dimensions as last season’s Trouble Maker, the Nothing But Trouble felt more comfortable to our testers and consequently received higher marks in class. The narrower waist gave the ski a park-specific feel and testers felt that it performed better than the Trouble Maker on jumps and pipe with its softer, more forgiving flex.

She’s Trouble

Length: 155, 165, 175
Dimensions: 112-78-102
MSRP: $450 Stoke: 6.5
Jumps: 7 Pipe: 7
Playfulness: 7 All-Mtn: 6

Molded after her big brother, the Nothing But Trouble, the She’s Trouble was found to be responsive and have the right amount of stiffness to explode in the pipe and off jumps. The lightweight wood core made these floaty in the air and easy to maneuver. The narrow profile and softer flex in the tip and tail made our girls feel a little out of control in broken-up snow.

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