Download Transitions Free, via the Freeskier Podcast

Download Transitions Free, via the Freeskier Podcast

World renowned skier Simon Dumont and filmmaker Riley Poor teamed up to create a film focused on the history of freeskiing and the progression that competitive halfpipe skiing has undergone over the past near-decade. We caught up with Simon and Riley to ask them a few questions about the film. Freeskier and the duo have also teamed up to offer the film free of charge, via the Freeskier Magazine Podcast. If you don’t already subscribe, go here to get it.

Freeskier: Hey Simon, what have you been up to since the last Dew Tour?
Simon Dumont: Chilling. I have been just skiing and hanging out sliding some rails, it’s been kind of mediocre weather here in Dillon. I’ve been hustling every single person on the pool table, too

FS: What was the impetus behind undertaking a project like Transitions?
SD: My main purpose behind the project was to give a little history behind freeskiing. A lot of people are forgetting the New Canadian Air Force and all the people that helped pioneer the sport. Also, I wanted to show the progression of halfpipe skiing, through my eyes anyway.

Riley Poor: I always wanted to make a film that focused more on the athletes personalities and place in their sport rather than just showing the highlight clips. If you can tell a real story in a film your going to engage your audience and make it more appealing to a more diverse group of people. Simon was a perfect vessel to tell one of these stories about a sport that I personally have been watching transform itself since 1992. I knew the story and had access to a perfect main character. That was the main motivation to make a film that I thought could appeal to a broader audience, as well as teach the core audience a bit of history in the making.

FS: Why a two-year instead of a one-year project?
SD: I think it gave Riley time to really put a good script together. We took our time rather than cram it into one year.

RP: Originally, I started working with Simon because his schedule was so hectic he needed a filmer to just travel with him if there was any chance of him securing enough footage to get video parts. We shot together that year and got him a part with both PBP and MSP. The conversation started that season about doing a film and we new logistically we would need an additional year to pull it off.

FS: Do you think that the project was successful in its aims?
RP: I do. I am at X-Dance right now and yesterday another filmaker came up to me and told me “it’s about time someone made a ski flick with a dialog.” He then went on to tell me that all he knew about skiing previously was that kids are doing crazy stuff these days and his kids love the X-Games. He’s going to watch Simon on Sunday night and he’ll understand the history of how halfpipe skiing evolved.

FS: The movie has a lot of X Games relevance, will it be different without Tanner Hall, or is that something media blows out of proportion?
SD: I think there are a lot of athletes stepping up to the challenge to do well. It’s a bummer that he isn’t there, but I think that it’ll still be a good show.

FS: Big air is a full event this year, other than yourself, any predictions on who could take it?
SD: I’m sure that anyone in the contest could take it down, that’s why they are there.

FS: What are the rest of your plans for the year?
SD: Do the last stop of the Winter Dew Tour, and my own contest, the Dumont Cup. Then just try and film with Poorboyz.

FS: Do you have any plans to make another movie in the future?
SD: Not of yet. Later in my career I’ll focus on filming more. But now I’ll do as many comps as I can and worry about the rest later.

FS: Last Words?
RP: I really want to thank Johnny Decesare and Tyler Hamlet at Poorboyz, they are the most core and dedicated film crew out there. Without Johnny opening his library to me for this project it would never have been possible. Also huge thanks to Katrina, my family and all our sponsors and supporters. My life changed drasticly a year ago and without everyones constant support I don’t know that this all would have been possible!

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