[DEEP DIVE] Nordica Unlimited Series Review

[DEEP DIVE] Nordica Unlimited Series Review

Feature image: Jeff Cricco

No matter if you’re lapping the lifts or exploring beyond the resort’s ropes, Nordica believes there is truly no better ski to pack on any given ski trip.

“We understood that the market was moving toward adventuring on the mountain in all different ways,” says Ethan Korpi, Nordica’s North American product manager. “Lift lines aren’t getting any shorter and people are trying to maximize the time they do have in the outdoors.”

Designed from the molds of the tried-and-true Enforcer and Santa Ana, Nordica spent a lot of time in research and development concocting the perfect core material mixture to maintain the downhill capabilities the Enforcer and Santa Ana are renowned for, while also significantly reducing the weight to preserve energy on the skin track. 

“By using our proprietary blend of carbon we were able to reduce weight and maximize downhill performance,” Korpi explains. “Being intentional with the carbon placement paired with our wood core construction created a playful design that enhances control and response for active and aspiring skiers.”

Designed for skiers who are not looking to compromise with their equipment, the Unlimited series provides the single tool you need for any ski trade. Want to rip up the resort while it’s good? The Enforcer and Santa Ana Unlimited uphold Nordica’s downhill standards to a tee. Looking to venture out of bounds in the afternoon? No problem, the weight of the Unlimited will keep you feeling light as a feather walking uphill but as soon as you throw it into ski mode, this ski is once again ready to tear up every feature and fresh pow stash with playful ease. 

“For a full day of touring, my legs never felt fatigued—which is rad given that they are big skis— and for the icy conditions down, I never felt like I couldn’t trust them,” says one of our backcountry ski testers who had a chance to tour around Jones Pass on the Santa Ana Unlimited last spring. 

Available in both the Enforcer and Santa Ana models, the Unlimited series provides a robust collection for all types of skiers. On the men’s side of things, there is the Enforcer 104 Unlimited, 94 and 88 and on the women’s side there is the Santa Ana 104 Unlimited, 93 and 88. Ladies, take note: there is absolutely no difference between the Santa Ana 104 Unlimited and the Enforcer 104, except for size range and topsheet design. Which means if you need a long ski, the Enforcer is just as much meant for you as anyone who bears the Mars symbol.