Deep Dive: Nordica Enforcer 110 Free

Deep Dive: Nordica Enforcer 110 Free

When you look back at the past decade of ski production, it’s hard to find a story more impressive than Nordica’s Enforcer series. The skis have always performed well at our annual Ski Test. This year, it was clear that our testers’ favorite ski from the Nordica lineup was the Enforcer 110 Free, which ranked #1 in its freeride-focused category. 

“I’ll never forget that first Enforcer prototype,” recalls Nordica’s Marketing Director, Sam Beck. “When we built it over in Austria, our engineer called me and said, ‘You’re not going to believe this. This thing is absolutely perfect. We don’t need to change anything.’”

Immediate success in ski building is quite rare. Usually, the first attempt designing a new ski doesn’t quite hit the mark and is followed by an astronomical number of other prototypes. It seemed there was some magic juju behind the original Enforcer but, even though the original was a phenomenal ski, Nordica’s engineers kept tinkering with widths, lengths and rocker profiles to better match the needs of skiers everywhere. Enter the Nordica 110 Free. 

“Free,” in this case, of course stands for “freeride,” and this ski caters to those who venture off the beaten path, through variable snow while sending every booter in sight. And while the 110 Free is most at home in powder and landing big airs, it can also tear up hardpack on the way back to the lift. 

“Hard-charging is an understatement,” marveled one tester. “It has a really solid character but without feeling like a dead plank—there’s enough life to keep you bouncing in and out of any turn, on any terrain.”

Comments like those don’t come easy. But the 110 Free’s core—made of balsa, carbon and two sheets of metal—gives it supreme, hard-charging performance with a lightweight feel. The best of both worlds.

Ample tip rocker and medium tail rocker also team up for surfy skiing and, while many skis out there feature the same rocker profile for all lengths, Nordica has customized it to fit each available length in the Enforcer series, providing a smooth ride, no matter the ski’s size. And, if the 110-millimeter underfoot model featured here isn’t quite right, the Enforcer Free is also available in 115- and 104-millimeter waist widths.

Ever since we first clicked into the Enforcer series, we’ve been impressed. Thankfully, the Enforcer Free 110 has kept that grin going from ear to ear.