[DEEP DIVE] Hestra Women’s Fall Line Mitt Review

[DEEP DIVE] Hestra Women’s Fall Line Mitt Review

Featured Image: Kent Malm

The family-owned and Swedish-born brand, Hestra, has dedicated over 80 years to developing high-quality gloves and mitts to provide skiers, outdoor workers and cold weather adventurers with warmth, protection and dexterity. Nearly a century later, Hestra continues to put the user’s needs first and, in doing so, has developed one of the most versatile ski gloves available among the brand’s hundreds of offerings—the all-new Women’s Fall Line, available in mitts and gloves. 

Developed to be worn the majority of the season, the Fall Line is a no-frills, everyday option for ladies looking for a single pair to last them from opening day to the season’s last hot lap. 

“The Fall Line is built for 85-percent of days where you’re trying to minimize your kit and wear something that will get you through the bulk of the season,” says Hestra’s Marketing Manager, Drew Eakins. 

Made from incredibly durable cowhide leather, this collection is designed to take a beating and the addition of Hestra’s proprietary G-Loft polyester lining provides an extra touch of warmth than previous years’ designs. A neoprene cuff, leather pull strap and Velcro closure add even more functionality to this all-around workhorse but what really makes the Women’s Fall Line stand out is the precisely tailored, women’s-specific fit.

“The fit is really a key feature. There are a lot of gloves and mitts out there on the market but what we pride ourselves on is a more intricate fit,” Eakins emphasizes. “Our sizing is done on a numeric scale. You don’t wear small, medium, large or extra large shoes—why would you do that for your hands?”

Taking thousands of measurements from men, women and children, Hestra has found that, generally speaking, women tend to have smaller and narrower hands than men, but longer fingers. This conclusion inspired the heritage brand to develop a specific women’s measurement model to bolster its acclaimed Fall Line series for men and, subsequently, has created the most well-fitting gloves and mitts for women. 

Whether you’re riding every single day, or taking advantage of your weekends off, Hestra’s Fall Line Glove provides unwavering warmth and protection and with a precise, women-specific design, there isn’t a hand that won’t instantly fall in love with the phenomenal, tailored fit. 

Hestra Women's Fall Line