Debate: Should men and women compete on different slopestyle courses?

Debate: Should men and women compete on different slopestyle courses?

One year ago, Kristi Leskinen along with fellow competitors Sarah Burke and Kaya Turski drafted a survey; the contents of the survey revolved around the state of slopestyle courses—notably the size of jumps, and the idea of building separate courses for men and women—and was sent to many of the top slopestyle skiers around the globe.


Kaya Turski competes at the Euro X Games in Tignes, France. P: Shay Williams.


Last week, Leskinen discussed the findings of the poll with ESPN. According to Leskinen, the survey "shows that men and women would benefit greatly from having separate courses in competition." In the days following the release of the survey results, many competitors—both skiers and snowboarders, male and female—have opened a debate on the subject. While some advocate for separate courses and in turn, smaller jumps for women, others argue that separate courses threaten to stifle the progression of women's skiing and snowboarding.

We want to hear your thoughts on the matter. To see the results of the poll, as published on ESPN, follow this link. To see a more detailed version of the survey results, visit the AFP website, here. To hear from athletes on both sides of the argument, refer to the following blog posts:

We encourage you to read up and post your thoughts in the comments section below. Or, join the conversation on Twitter; tag @Freeskier and engage the athletes themselves.


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