Day 2 of the Winter Dew Tour at Killington, Vermont

Day 2 of the Winter Dew Tour at Killington, Vermont


Tai Barrymore. p: Dan Brown

      The second day of the Winter Dew Tour has concluded here at Killington as the Pantech Invitational has brought the industry's top athletes to this small hamlet to compete in the second stop of the tour. Starting early Wednesday morning, the packed schedule began with Women's slopestyle qualifiers. Maude Raymond would take the top spot, followed by Eveline Bhend and Eva-Maria Patscheider on the Bear Mountain course. The setup consisted two sets of rail features into three cannon type rails; a box, flat down and pipe and concluding with three large jumps. Moving on to the half pipe, the men would assault the pipe with hope of moving on to the Semi-finals and in the end; Josh Christensen, Kyle Smaine and James Campbell would take 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively. Men's Slopestyle would follow, whittling down the 23 entries down to those who'd be able to put a run to their feet and move on. John Strenio would come out on top with Henrik Harlaut and Alex Beaulieu-Marchand close behind.

      The winds have howled through the New England valley for the past week, and despite the sun and blue skies, the weather has been cold and would become even colder as the news of Freeski icon Sarah Burke passing away broke yesterday prior to the start of the Women's Last Chance Qualifiers for Superpipe.  Appropriately so, the event was cancelled with all entrants moving on to the semi-finals that took place this morning. Early this morning under a clear but brisk sky, the women honored their hero and friend by skiing the pipe in a train and gathering at the bottom for a moment in Burke's honor. The women then dialed themselves into the competition and exhibited some of the biggest runs in recent memory, with "amplitude" being the adjective of the day. Notables included Anyana Onozuka and Maddie Bowman. The top three ladies would include Devin Logan in 1st, Brita Sigourney and Maddie Bowman in second and third respectively. The winds returned for Men's Slopestyle Semi-finals, buffeting the course and causing the event to be postponed for 40 minutes. When the winds refused to pass, a vote was taken with the majority deciding to move the event to Saturday as a one-run format.


Gus Kenworthy. p: Dan Brown

      The day would conclude with Men's Superpipe Semi-finals under the lights. A packed field gathered at the top of the icy, difficult pipe to decide who would move on to Finals. A shortened practice schedule due to equipment failure, coupled with the fast conditions caused most to have trouble getting their proper run under them, creating a contentious fight for around the bubble spot. Those who could get past that found themselves moving on to Saturday's final. Tai Barrymore would hold first with his massive airs that included a left side 900 into a massive alleyoop double flatspin 900, followed by a left cork 5, right 900 and finishing with a left 1080. "It's really difficult right now" said Barrymore, "It's super icy and hard to adapt to, coming from the West Coast but I'm super happy coming into tomorrow." Gus Kenworthy would take second, followed by Torin Yater-Wallce in third.

1  Joss Christensen  80.25
2  Kyle Smaine  77.50
3  James Campbell  75.00
4  AJ Kemppainen  73.75
5  Christian Allen  73.25
6  Marshall LaCroix  70.75
7  Yannic Lerjen  70.50
8  Lyman Currier  68.50
9  Kris Atkinson  68.00
10  Tyler Peterson  61.75
11  Austin Simonpietri  58.00
12  Beau-James Wells  56.50
13  Alexander Ferreira  48.25
14  Colter Brehmer  45.50
15  Frederick Iliano  43.75
16  Theodore Porter  39.75
17  JP Solberg  WD

1  Tai Barrymore  87.50
2  Gus Kenworthy  82.75
3  Torin Yater-Wallace  81.50
4  Taylor Seaton  80.00
5  Tucker Perkins  77.50
6  Joss Christensen  76.00
7  David Wise  74.25
8  Xavier Bertoni  70.75
9  Noah Bowman  69.25
10  Simon D'artois  68.00
11  Benoit Valentin  67.00
12  James Campbell  66.75
13  Dan Marion  63.00
14  Christian Allen  62.75
15  Marshall LaCroix  62.25
16  Nils Lauper  61.75
17  AJ Kemppainen  60.75
18  Matt Margetts  60.25
19  Joffrey Pollet-Villard  58.25
20  Thomas Krief  33.75
21  Lyman Currier  29.75
22  Kyle Smaine  24.75
23  Yannic Lerjen  DNS
23  Mike Riddle  DNS
23  Peter Olenick  DNS
23  Josiah Wells  DNS
23  Simon Dumont  DNS


1  John Strenio  85.00
2  Henrik Harlaut  82.17
3  Alex Beaulieu-Marchand  80.83
4  Vincent Gagnier  76.17
5  Willie Borm  74.83
6  Josiah Wells  72.67
7  Cody Ling  72.00
8  Matt Walker  69.33
9  Tim McChesney  68.17
10  Robert Franco  67.83
11  Alex Bellemare  67.00
12  Mike Mertion  64.67
13  Colby West  64.33
14  Oscar Scherlin  62.83
15  Aidan Sheahan  55.50
16  Cody Cirillo  52.67
17  Erik Hughes  42.00
18  Lyman Currier  40.50
19  AJ Kemppainen  40.00
20  Kai Mahler  31.33
21  Will Hibbs  30.00
22  Ian Cosco  17.17
23  Jeremy Pancras  DNS
23  Fridtjof Fredricsson  DNS

1  Maude Raymond  86.33
2  Eveline Bhend  81.67
3  Eva-Maria Patscheider  66.00
4  Maria Bagge  60.33
5  Nina Rusten Andersen  54.67
6  Rose Battersby  34.50
7  Emma Whitman  23.33
8  J
ackie Kling  DNS


1  Devin Logan  86.75
2  Brita Sigourney  85.00
3  Maddie Bowman  81.25
4  Ayana Onozuka  78.25
5  Annalisa Drew  74.50
6  Anais Caradeux  72.50
7  Rosalind Groenewoud  71.00
8  Katrien Aerts  70.00
9  Dara Howell  63.50
10  Manami Mitsuboshi  62.50
11  Keri Herman  60.81
12  Kendall Deighan  59.75
13  Kimmy Sharp  58.50
14  Megan Gunning  58.25
15  Keni Maras  54.75
16  Charity Mersereau  54.00
17  Davina Williams  51.25
18  Rose Battersby  51.00
19  Mirjam Jaeger  48.50
20  Yurie Yamazaki  45.75
21  Keltie Hansen  DNS

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