Dakine Team Manager Scotty “The Body” Conerly catches up with PoorBoyz’s Cody Carter

Dakine Team Manager Scotty “The Body” Conerly catches up with PoorBoyz’s Cody Carter

Poorboyz Reasons Premiere Tour Update
By Scotty Conerly

SC: So Mr. Carter, talk to me about the premiere tour so far? How is it going?

CC: The Reasons premiere tour kicked off at IF3 and it was rad. Lots of our athletes showed up, as well as the whole PBP crew was there; including Johnny. We won some awards (4 awards to be exact) including best film! Great way to start the tour!

SC: So your giving plenty of Dakine gear out at the stops right!?

CC: HELL YEAH WE ARE! Dakine always takes care of us! We have also been really fortunate to have Oakley, K2, Skullcandy, Scott, Obermeyer, Kicker Audio, Smith, and Schwietzer Mountain Resort throwing in a ton of product to give to the kids. It seems as if everyone goes home with some kind of great product.

SC: Where is the tour headed now?

CC: We got Portland at the Kennedy School tonight (SEPT 23rd) with the Nimbus crew, then we head to Hood River to visit with you Dakine boys. Then we head to Sandpoint, Idaho to the world Premiere of the “Poorboyz Jib Jam”. After that we are going to meet up with Tanner and crew in Spokane for a premier with all our movies. There is also a rail jam before the premiere hosted with the Sports Creel. It should be outta’ hand! Go to poorboyz.com for tour info.

SC: So lets talk about the movie a bit. What are your thoughts on this year’s film?

CC: This year was interesting for sure. We took a different approach to our normal filming formula, and changed things up a lot. We left the ski porn style we are known for and looked into the lives of our skiers and featured action and lifestyle, and this year’s line up was the best we’ve ever had.

SC: How have the crowds been at the premieres? What kind of reaction have you gotten for the films?

CC: Well, it’s been really different because usually premieres are loud and crazy and people freak out, but because we have added so much story to this film, people are trying to be really quite. However, with such explosive footage, people ended up going crazy! So far the crowds have been very responsive to our films.

SC: Are you stoked to team up with Nimbus on this tour?

CC: Teaming up with Nimbus has been awesome. They have a really great film too. And our films really complement each other.

SC: So after the tour is finished what happens to PBP?

CC: We are going to prepare for another amazing year at Poorboyz, and concentrating on bring our fans the best film we can produce.

SC: Thanks mang!

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