Crested Butte is EXTREME

Crested Butte is EXTREME

This is going to be one of those “Captain Obvious” statements…2 feet of snow changes everything. Your local friends ditch you. The once “friendly” locals literally push you out of the way to get one chair ahead of you. Fights break out when ropes drop. Everything is frantic.

Fortunately for us, we were able to connect with big mountain shredder Wendy Fisher and none of the normal powder day craziness mattered. No one was getting ditched because Wendy was our guide. Locals could do no better than heckle us in the ski school/patrol lines. We didn’t take the normal routes into zones, so no need to fight over being first on that traverse. The only concerns came about when Wendy turned around to the group and busted out with one of her now famous “I know I can get you down this” lines.

And that’s why Crested Butte is indeed EXTREME. Local’s rip. Terrain is rowdy. Snowfall is plentiful. So take our advice, if you are a newbie to CB consider hiring Wendy as your guide. Or better yet, take advantage of the “Local Clinics” she hosts throughout the season for just $90. Info here. You get Wendy’s knowledge of the mountain, a few pointers on technique and the all important access to the ski school/patrol lines.

After a few laps we ended up at the base of Body Bag (best name ever for a ski run) and watched the finals of the Freeskiing World Tour. The venue was deep – so competitors were going even bigger than normal. Needless to say the action was ridiculous. For final results of the comp and tons of pics/videos click HERE.

So all in all, CB lived up to is reputation this weekend and then some. Big thanks to the Crested Butte ski patrol for absolutely killing it this weekend – with the new snow plus the comp they had their work cut out for them, and they stepped up big time. Thanks patrollers. Thanks CB. Thanks Wendy. Thanks MSI.

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