Copper Mountain Superpark – Redux

Copper Mountain Superpark – Redux

Anticipation for Level 1’s Copper park shoot had been building the entire month of April. Colorado has a seemingly unlimited snowpack, and there was talk of world-class features being prepared at the resort, not to mention that the memories of last year’s movie ending sessions were fueling everyone’s stoke.

Duncan Adams. Photo by Dave Amirault.

But things were not perfect in the crew; last minute injuries would prevent Tom Wallisch, Mike Clarke, Tanner Rainville, Corey Vanular, (and not to forget Ahmet Dadali) from contributing what are possibly the best and most unique skiing abilities to the shoot. All was not lost however, The New Canadian Air Force v 2.0- Mike Riddle and Justin Dorey, who have both been dominating pipe competitions the entire season, would offer some fresh skills to a now seasoned park film crew.

First on the plate was a halfpipe channel gap…think David Crichton in “Forward”. Even in May Copper had an amazing pipe primed to work with. There aren’t any pictures to offer up, but Riddle and Dorey got after it where Crichton left off 5 years ago. Despite having Stefan Thomas bow out early after taking a misjudged hit directly into the bottom of the channel (off camera), another pipe progression session was in the bag.

Stefan Thomas has a front row seat for Delorme’s rodeo show. Photo by Dave Amirault.

And on to the next course, what you have all been waiting for, the big boy playground- featuring the stepover jump, and a large quarterpipe. Turning a big hip into an even bigger jump would prove to be tedious, but very worth it. This would be the sequel to our “perfect jump” from 2007. With a steep 20 ft high chimney takeoff, gapping over to a massive volcano-style landing, Copper had fashioned the most unique hit our crew had ever seen. We all just prayed it would work… And work it did.

Mike Riddle with a massive 180. Photo by Dave Amirault.

After a few massive hipped guinea airs, it looked like there was too much vert to fully utilize the actual tabletop. To quote photographer Erik Seo, “I am usually the last person to say this, but I think we need to take some boot off”. Josh Bibby made some transition adjustments, and it was on. Mike Riddle, Adam Delorme, and Justin Dorey kicked off a session that would last for 6 hours into the evening light. These guys were going fucking huge. Period. Joined in by Bibby, Duncan Adams, Jon Brogan, Mike Hornbeck, Liam Downey, and Dave the park crew “intern”, yet again several memorable jump images were created.

Icing on the cake came in the form of a huge quarterpipe built near the resort’s summit by the Copper staff and Snow Park Technologies. Perched over a backdrop of Summit County’s Gore Range and Vail Pass, it looked like nothing less than “epic” material. Unfortunately the luck with weather was wearing very thin, as was the rider’s physical stamina after days (and a full season) of hard skiing. But window shopping for sucker holes would pay off. Two half-days of sessioning later and transition jedis Riddle, Dorey, Delorme, and Adams called it a shoot.

Freedle sizes up the world class quarterpipe at the top of Copper Mtn.

Once step closer to TURBO as a season nears completion.

Much appreciation to the Copper park staff, Adam Tietz, and Lauren Pelletreau for doing everything to make this happen. Thank You!

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