Company Callout: Discrete Ski Gear Headwear

Company Callout: Discrete Ski Gear Headwear

This article originally appeared in the October 2010 issue of Freeskier Magazine. For more from this issue make sure to pick up a copy at your local newsstand.

Words by: Steven Hemphill
Photo: Erik Seo

Julian Carr was inspired by the variables presented in a discrete structures class at the University of Utah. That inspiration lead Carr to create Discrete Headwear, a ski gear company that embraces individuality and the many styles and trends in the ski industry.

Carr’s prowess as a pro skier enabled him to make the right connections early on and create a company that skiers and other outdoor enthusiasts can identify with. He recognizes that he is targeting a small niche and has large competitors. “Some brands have a cool name and a decent logo — and that’s cool,” he explains. “Discrete, however, is complex and multi- layered. From the double meaning in our brand name, to the story behind our logo, to our products being named after computer terminology, we are all about motivating people to think, to be athletic and to be creative.”

What started as a small get-together at Carr’s house has developed into a company with national distribution. Carr recalls, “I started by just creating a small run of headwear. I invited a bunch of the top skiers and snowboarders in Utah over to my house, gave them each a kit of headwear to represent. Soon,all the heavy hitting pros in Utah were rocking Discrete.” After gaining recognition in Utah, Discrete soon became recognized as the headwear to have in skiing across the country.

“It’s fun to walk into ski shops and I’ll see some of my competing brands like Neff. As Discrete has roots in skiing, it’s automatic for me to say, hey you’re a ski shop, I’m a skier, let’s support each other,” Carr says. It is this hope that has kept Discrete going.

With the ski industry continuing to grow, Carr is making sure that he has riders with a passion for skiing just like himself to represent Discrete. JT Holmes, Eric Hjorleifson, Dash Long, Dane Tudor, Keri Herman, Ian McIntosh and others are now all on the official roster. “Discrete wants to support anyone that is having fun in the mountains or outdoors,” says Carr.

“I get most excited when people are stoked! That makes me stoked to keep doing a good job, and working hard,” he says. “It makes my day when I get an email from anyone, anywhere being hyped on our brand.”

To learn more about the brand, or to grab some product, head over to discreteheadwear.com.

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