Closing Day at Shralpine Meadows

Closing Day at Shralpine Meadows

Closing days pretty much rule, except for the fact that they are closing days. But nothing beats sunny skies, bikini tops, corn snow, beers on the lift/liftline/runs/peaks and all the camaraderie that goes along with. We were at Alpine Meadows for the Tahoe area’s last day of the season this weekend…and had a ball.

I love Alpine. Mostly because the terrain is real sick, snow is generally as deep there as anywhere else in Tahoe, and there is never a lift line. Well I guess never except for closing day. But NBD, it was closing day and we had beers in our pockets.

The snow was spring corn perfection, which is exactly what Alpine Meadows is known for.

But alas the day had to end, so we took one last hike to the top, payed homage to the various gods of the snow, beer, etc. Took a last look at Lake Tahoe and called it a season in Tahoe.

Be on the look out for Alpine Meadows in Level 1’s new film. Something tells us that the park scene there is about to explode.

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