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‘CHILE | Spirit of the Volcano’ – A South American ski voyage with Duncan Adams, Sophia Rouches & Sam Anthamatten of the Faction Collective

Faction has been establishing themselves as a ski media powerhouse for several years. With Etienne Mérel at the helm for most of their outstanding projects, they’ve cultivated film after film that is aesthetic, story-driven, and includes some of the best skiing you’ll find. In September of 2022 three members of the Collective, Duncan Adams, Sophia Rouches and Sam Anthamatten took a trek to South America.

Making their way through Chile with the help of local knowledge and guides, the crew took on the challenge of summiting several volcanoes in the area. As local snowboarder Isaac Huenchunao describes, the volcanoes take on a special role in Chilean culture. These monstrous guardians serve as equalizers of the region, bringing both peace and destruction while creating balance in the natural world. Duncan, Sophia and Sam serve as our guides as we dive into the daunting and magnetizing world of Chilean skiing.

From YouTube – The Faction Collective travels to Chile for a ski touring adventure. The mission? Discover and ski some of the most impressive volcanoes on a road-trip south, connecting with the local community to understand the significance of the volcano in Chilean culture.

Photo Gallery:

Sophia leads the pack on the assent
Duncan Adams turnin’ and burnin’
Watch your step; climbing a volcano is as dangerous as it sounds
Like a tick on a dog… or something like that
Sophia Rouches takes in the Chilean sea of cloud
The crew makes their way across the ridge, high above the clouds
Sam alongside his trusty Faction Agent 3
Golden hour on the roof of South America

Photos courtesy of the Faction Collective

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