Catching Up With Josh Bibby

Catching Up With Josh Bibby

How has Josh Bibby been ringing in the new year?
With a good amount of powder snow with my friends at Monashee Powder Cats. It was nice to see that Riley [Leboe] had stuck my sled in the snowbank for a New Year’s gift to me. So one of the first things I did in the new year was pull my sled out from being stuck. And then I went powder skiing with my friends.

What are you doing right now?
I’m waiting for Banner’s to open so I can take my sled in, so I can get my recall letter so I can register it, so I can use it without getting in trouble. Then move to Revelstoke and start filming and getting pictures taken of myself. Also, I’ve been doing experiments with food in my parents kitchen.

Sexual experiments?
No, just cooking ones.

We saw you at the Winter Dew Tour in Breck, are you getting back into the park scene again?
I just like to make the most of my surroundings. I ski park as much as I can when I’m not around powder, but if there is a decent amount of snow around, it’s hard to stay in the park. This early season there was a lot of snow in BC, but I already made plans to be in CO, so I kinda missed the boat on that one.

What are some of the big plans for your season?
I just booked a flight to Russia last night. That’s probably my biggest plan at the moment. Other than just skiing and filming a lot, as much as possible in BC, since I know own a sled, named scorpion. It’s really good around here and I need to learn more about he mountains that I grew up around.

What’s the latest with this beard of yours?
Well, I had it fully coming in and then I was eating hot wings one day in CO and I found a very challenging to eat the wings without getting quite a bit of sauce in my mustache. I found that after I trimmed down everything but the hair on my chinny chin chin, I didn’t get as much sauce stuck in there and I was cutting down on napkins. And since I eat quite often, it made it more convenient. It was an environmental choice because of the high use of napkins when I eat hot wings.

Which bait do King Mackerel prefer? Mullet, Herring, Menhaden or Pinfish?
Whoa. That’s an ocean fishing question. I’ve never been ocean fishing.

But you’re a fisherman.
I’m attempting to be a fly fisherman. In lakes. I’m going to straight out guess.. I want to say Pinfish, but I don’t really know.

It’s Menhaden.
I don’t really live that close to the ocean, so… And I’m not really that good of a fisherman yet, I just try a lot.

Tell me about the backstory on your pro model graphic on your Moment Skis.
The idea for the graphic was a tail-to-tip, so that each year if you put the skis tip to tail, and you’ll see a story. The first year the kids were walking to the castle on the tip, the next year the castle was on the tail and they are battling the Ogo Pogo and this year coming out, the battle with the Ogo Pogo was waged and the Ogo Pogo is now on the tail with the boy carrying the girl walking towards the mountains.

So it’s a love story?
No. The girl is dead now. She died.

That’s kinda morbid.
It was the Ogo Pogo and the boy tried to save her. Now he knows what he’ll face, he has a long walk. Maybe next year he’ll be in the mountains, in the river, in the trees. You never know. More or less a journey, I guess.

What’s an Ogo Pogo?
It’s the sea monster that lives in Okanagan Lake.

Did you pick that fantasy character because you look like a wizard?
Possibly. I haven’t really thought about it that way. I mostly picked him because more or less the graphics are inspired by what’s around me.

Guest Question TJ Schiller: Four things that you have in truck at all time?
Jumper Cables, hatchet, slingshot and machete. Those are always in there. Or my insurance.

Shout outs?
Mom, Dad and my sponsors, Moment, Electric, and Spyder.

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