Capture and share images in real time with the ION Air Pro WiFi camera

Capture and share images in real time with the ION Air Pro WiFi camera

Meet the world’s first WiFi, cloud enabled POV camera from ION World Wide. Weighing in at 130 grams—for reference, that’s about 13 grams less than a GoPro in its housing—the ION’s cylindrical shape closely resembles that of the Contour cameras.

The Air Pro utilizes a fixed focus (2ft/.6m), f/2.8 lens to capture all the action you can throw at it in a multitude of recording modes including: 1080p/30fps (127 degree), 960p/30fps (170 degree), 720p/30fps (150 degree), 720p/60fps (170 degree) and WVGA/30fps (150 degree).

Similar to the ContourROAM, the flip of the record switch—whether the camera is on or off—starts the recording process. Once you flip the switch into record mode, the camera gently vibrates—in a manner comparable to a smart phone—in order to let you know you’re indeed logging footage. Want to shoot photos? The ION Air Pro captures crisp 5mp shots in three modes: single shot, burst and time lapse all with the push of a button.

Additionally, the Air Pro comes in a waterproof body that’s rated to 30ft. using a trusty rubber seal to keep the water out. However, be sure the seal is clean before you close things up. Small debris—like sand—will break the seal and you’ll be out a few hundred bucks.

After extensively testing the camera and its app, we found it was very easy to use and to share everything you capture. When the WiFi “Podz”—which is essentially a WiFi remote—is connected, you can link to the camera via your browser or iOS device to download content. The camera records two videos at once: one full size version and another compressed version ideal for quick, easy sharing. Once saved to your desktop or mobile device, easily upload to Facebook or YouTube or link up to the ION Cloud where you’ve got 8gb of free storage.

The app also features a live view option giving you the ability to frame shots while in the field. “Dude, is my whole body in the shot?” Find out right on the spot by linking your phone to the Air Pro’s WiFi signal. After you’ve recorded a shot, you can also watch the clip on your phone. Thus, if you missed the action, you can easily shoot it again—and you didn’t even need to head back home to check the footage on your computer.

Included with the camera are a plethora of mount options: helmet mount, bike/pole mount, and also a small, easy-to-use tripod. It comes with the usual USB cable as well as a wall-mounted charger with three different plugs for travel. Check below for a full list of included accessories.

Visit their website at iontheaction.com

Price: ION Air Pro camera – $229.99, ION Air Pro w/helmet and bike kit – $289.99, ION Air Pro WiFi $349.99.

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Easy to frame shots on-the-go, free cloud storage and plenty of sharing capabilities.


HDMI cable sold separately.

What’s in the box (helmet & bike kit):

  • Air Pro HD sports video camera
  • Bike mount
  • 2 ball joints (short and L shaped)
  • 2 mount straps (medium and short)
  • Helmet mount
  • 3 double sided 3M adhesive mounts (helmet)
  • 2 3M adhesive mounts (helmet)
  • Fitting piece
  • 1 double sided 3M adhesive mount (fitting piece)
  • 1 3M adhesive mount (fitting piece)

Additional Accessories:

  • USB cable
  • AV cable
  • USB power adaptor
  • Mini tripod stand
  • Scure strap
  • CamLOCK
  • Tin Box
  • Pouch
  • Software CD

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