Campus Rail Jam Tour CSU Recap

Campus Rail Jam Tour CSU Recap

As the Galvanic crew rolled into Fort Collins, CO, for the fifth stop of the Cricket Campus Rail Jam Tour, they were curious to see if the town would live up to its po-dunk reputation as described to them by the Boulderites from the last stop at CU. Disclaimer: the Cricket Campus Rail Jam Tour loves country folk. Anyone interested in excessive lift kits, pastimes involving mud/firearms, shot-gunning beers, or the transformation of spare parts into custom vehicles is fine by us. Regardless of the crew’s feelings, the rumors about CSU were only partly true. The part that most people don’t know about Fort Collins is that the town is full of gnarly shreds.

In the summer the farm beans, in the winter they slay rails.

On Wednesdsay, March 25th, the Lory Student Center provided the backdrop for 60 of Colorado State’s most shredtastic co-eds to spin, swivel, and shralp to their hearts content on the three-feature setup. With emcee Chimpy T on the mic, the crowd was lead through three heats of skiers and snowboarders before going into the finals, where the best threw down in hopes of winning the cash prizes and awesome gear from Skullcandy, Omatic, Boone, and Spyder, as well as a cornucopia of other prizes from local sponsors.

This is Jess. See Jess win a snowboard. See Jess Smile.

Aside from the entertaining carnage and banger tricks, onlookers were kept busy with endless raffles and Cricket Wireless text-to-win giveaways. Skullcandy, utilized the crowd’s hot air with an inflatable beachball relay where the light-headed winner walked away with a killer set of headphones and a minor head rush.

Empty those lungs!

CRJT is dedicated to safety, duh.

The herd of male snowboarders included some big up-and-coming names who lived up to their reputation and dominated the field. New addition to the DC family, Andrew Brewer, came out to slide some metal and was rewarded with a third place finish after multiple 360’s out and solid 270’s on. Second place went to Cricket Campus Rail Jam Tour veteran, Colin Spencer, for his switch front blunt 270’s on the handrail. Colin walked away with a brand new Omatic board and a big ol’ smile for his switch stunts. First place went to Omatic rider, Benny Hernreich, after throwing down a nollie back tail 270 on the handrail. Be sure to keep an eye out for Benny this year. He will be the one carrying around a huge bag of tricks.

As the skiers stepped up to the plate, the crowd got psyched for two-planker swagger and serious afterbang. Jeremy Brown took home third place and some fresh Spyder gear after unloading a mix of 270s, 450s, and switch-ups. Patrick Hughes scooped up second place and a sick pair of Boone skis after a solid showing on all three features. Pat’s main banger involved spinning 270 on the handrail, switching things up, and landing back regular, killer. Mr. Karl Fostvedt was the clear winner of the ski tribe after claiming insane 270s on, 450s off the box. Fostvedt walked away with some skrill, and the infamous jackalope trophy for his styley sliding.

Patrick Hughes’ color coordinated style gets him second place.

Fostvedt – On top

Last but certainly not least, the FoCo ladies made sure everyone knew that they could hang with the boys, and them some. Jessica “Loverface” and Amanda Poindexter are no strangers to the Cricket Campus Rail Jam Tour, taking third and second place respectively. Landing in first was Randa Shahin, killing it after a 24-hour drive to compete. Part road warrior, part shred machine, Randa annihilated all three rails and made the 24-hour drive worth her while.

(L-R) Jeremy Brown (3rd), Karl Fostvedt (1st), Patrick Hughes (2nd)

After the excitement, as the sun set over the CSU campus, the Galvanic Design crew strapped on their gnarly boots and tore down the setup as winds threatened to blow the rails off the scaffolding. Soon enough, the campus was transformed back into its natural state, and the crew was off again with the wind at their back. EPIC.

Be sure to check out the video for all the banger highlights, and come out to the next event at Gonzaga, in Spokane WA on April 2nd!

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