Bro-ing down with the snow in Wolf Creek

Bro-ing down with the snow in Wolf Creek

“Holy shit, it’s DUMPING out!”

“Yeah, bro! It’s freakin’ nuking!”

“Freaking eh, dude. I’ve never seen snow like this before!”

“Woh, bro. It’s covering your tracks before you’re done your turn!”


“I couldn’t see shit for the last ten turns!”

“Oh my god, I had no idea where I was!”

“I’m a virgin!”


etc. etc. etc.

When a resort gets a foot a day for a week (or so), weird shit comes out of people’s mouths, and it usually does so in conjunction with the words dude, man, bro or a wide assortment of swear words. At Wolf Creek last week, we were submarining through the white and fluffy from top to bottom. Top three all-time powder days? Yes.

I was down there with Level 1 and company: Joshua Berman IV, Tanner Rainville JR, Travis Redd SR and B. Adam R. K. Delorme. We spent most of our time shralping blower pow and hitting up the Waterfall area of Wolf Creek. We also spent a day working a cliff band at a nearby roadside attraction. Some cool tricks went down, but you’ll have to wait until Berman’s new movie “Yeah Dude, Bro” comes out next year.

In the meantime, here are some snaps from the land down under.


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