More than 9 podiums this season — are you a believer? Seems that not too many of you are just yet – a dismal 11% of you got the correct answer to yesterday’s question. That’s three days in a row of 20% or less peformance. Not that Oriol Puig is complaining since he won today’s prize. However, it looks like we’re going to have to shift gears and provide you with a little more help from here on in. Derek Zoolander made the list today (although he is not the new rider) so to start, we’ll give you a clue by paraphrasing Derek – "I’m pretty sure this rider is really, really, ridiculously good. And you should plan on finding out who it is…"

Today, Colby James West made a big move up the leaderboard, jumping into second place. Mike Riddle continued to lead the overall voting with Andreas Håtveit, Jen Hudak and Jossi Wells rounding out the top 5 once again. AJ Kemppainen also moved up a few spots today. All of these riders are good, but did any of them hit 9 or more podiums this season? Well, that’s for you to find out. One thing I can assure you is that today’s question will knock out one or more of the riders and help you narrow in on the answer. More than nine podiums means that this rider was pretty darn active this last season and that means that he or she had to have missed an event here or there. So today we are asking about which of the events listed in the question did this rider NOT attend? One thing is for sure, by day’s end the leaderboard will not look the same as is it did yesterday. But, will this narrow down your choices or throw everything into choas? We’ll find out soon enough.

To recap, at this point we know that this rider has proven him or herself by being on the podium 9 or more times this season, is between 17 and 23, is a slope/pipe athlete, does not incorporate a Whiskey Flip into his or her pipe run and is a virtual lock to finish in the top-5 against X-Games caliber talent. Now, which event did this rider NOT attend this season? To answer the question for Day 6, click here.

Bring It On!

Remember, every day we will post a new question, related to the athletes identity, on 4FRNT.com. Each question is designed to build upon the information posted from the previous daily questions and provide clues as to this rider’s identity. Daily answers will all be building up to the final 12th question on June 20th. Answers will be posted daily on the site along with names of riders that contestants are guessing. Remember, we’re not telling who it is but we’ll post your guesses. With every daily answer posted, so will be the winner of the daily drawing and the names of who people think it may be.

Prizes (you know, free stuff!!):

Each and every day. one lucky contestant who answers the daily question correctly will win free stuff from shop.4FRNT.com. In addition to the daily prizes, if you provide the correct name of the rider with your answer, you also will be entered into the Grand Prize drawing to win a free pair of 08-09 TNKs. You can up the ante and also win a pair of Deadbolt bindings if you are selected as the Grand Prize winner and have made a qualifying purchase on shop.4FRNT.com during the contest. We’ll even make it an easy decision by giving you 35% off your purchase (coupon code will be provided after you post your first entry in the contest). See the Official Rules for details.

On the 21st of June, we will not only be announcing the answer to the final question and name of the Grand Prize winner, but we will also be physically introducing the athlete at Camp of Champions’ arrival day for Session A. So start guessing, sign up for Camp of Champions and meet 4FRNT’s latest pro, win some skis and shred the best summer terrain park in history.

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