We’re almost at the finish line. The stage is being set. I spoke with this rider today and he is in Vancouver on his way to Whistler, ready to be introduced on Saturday morning as the newest member of the 4FRNT team! Newschooler skiJRFdid his homework today, or, more accurately, didn’t do his work and watched videos of Xavier Bertoni all day, and came to the conclusion that ‘he is damn near close to 50-50 on right-left spinning.. so 4frnt is either being dicks or its not him.‘ Well, we’re not being dicks, so I guess that narrows it down, eh?

This was maybe the most difficult question of the whole contest since almost everyone left on the list spins equally well both ways. I told you that the talent in Europe is running deep. However, if you ask each of these riders, they all will tell you one direction is more ‘natural’ and for our guy, its left – barely. About 65% of you got the right answer and Joni Salo walked away with today’s prize. Surprisingly, 4% chose ‘doesn’t spin’, apparently thinking we somehow ‘stole’ a rider from Fischer. That actually isn’t so crazy since Fischer shut down their European freeride program last year, choosing instead to concentrate on their race progam. Truth is stranger than fiction.

Four guys ran neck and neck all day yesterday in the voting, with Kalle Leinonen narrowly edging Xavier Bertoni, PK Hunder and AJ Kemppainen. Frenchie Kevin Rolland is still hanging around but fellow countryman Xavier Bertoni, who, according to Dr. Luke Van Valin, spins right naturally, is out now and, according to you, its a three-man race, or is it? So, it seems only fitting that we ask the obvious question: What country is this rider from?

To recap, at this point we know that this European based rider has proven himself by being on the podium 9 or more times this season, is between 17 and 23, is a slope/pipe athlete, does not incorporate a Whiskey Flip into his pipe run and is a virtual lock to finish in the top-5 against X-Games caliber talent but did NOT attend the Jon Olsson SuperSessions and spun 3,241 or more degrees (more left than right) in one of his US or Orage European Open runs. Now, which country is this rider from? To answer today’s question, click here.

On the 21st of June, we will not only be announcing the answer to the final question and name of the Grand Prize winner, but we will also be physically introducing the athlete at Camp of Champions’ arrival day for Session A. So start guessing, sign up for Camp of Champions and meet 4FRNT’s latest pro, win some skis and shred the best summer terrain park in history.

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