Blazing in the Pipe!

Blazing in the Pipe!

That’s right, they’re blazing in the pipe…the snowguns, that is! Okemo has been blowing snow in the SoBe Superpipe for the past several days with the goal of having the first pipe open anywhere on the East Coast! The opening date is still Top Secret (I’m apparently only cleared high enough to know when the guns go on), but a highly placed source within the Administration who refused to be named said,”We’ll definitely have the pipe open before Christmas.” Before Christmas, hoorah!

We’ve also had the guns going strong up and down Nor’Easter, which leads me to believe we’ll be moving our main park from Sapphire over to Nor’Easter within the next week or two. Look for the features to jump in size once that happens.

In the meantime, the park on Sapphire is looking pretty good for Week 3 of the season! The parks crew has been working overtime, setting up two flat rails, a flat box, a 25 foot tabletop, a handful of tires and the C-Box (always a favorite).

Looking for more info from the rumor mill? According to the fax machine in our office, Okemo is awaiting the delivery of a 40 foot long S-Box sometime before the close of ‘07! How sick is that going to be?!

With all the new snow, new terrain and new features opening daily, things are definitely looking up at Okemo. Come on up and start dialing in your steeze today!

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