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BlackStrap through the pandemic: Giving back with USA-made facemasks

BlackStrap through the pandemic: Giving back with USA-made facemasks

Featured Image: Courtesy of Mt. Bachelor

BlackStrap Industries is one of the few companies in the outdoor industry specifically dedicated to making facemasks for wintersports. Stitched and sourced in the United States, the Bend, Oregon-based company acted quickly when the pandemic struck, up-cycling unused fabrics from its Waste-Zero Initiative to create the “Civil Mask” for everyday use. Now, BlackStrap has donated & delivered has donated more than 65,000 masks to more than 300 organizations across the country.

“With the onset of COVID we felt obligated to analyze our available resources and how we could help to support agencies, individuals and businesses across the US to stay safe and comfortable when in public & essential settings,” says Jim Sanco, BlackStrap’s brand manager.

“Following mask mandates, BlackStrap did an audit of our supply chain and raw materials to ensure that we would be able to manufacture/supply/deliver a mask that falls within the CDC’s mandates. Less than a week later BlackStrap released the Civil Mask, a reusable, sustainable, dual layer Public Safety Mask made from up-cycled material,” continues Sanco.

Released in April, the Civil Mask is a dual-layer, reusable and washable solution to face coverings. Using fabric scraps left over from the brand’s standard-make products, like the FREESKIER-favorite Hood Balaclava, BlackStrap was able to act efficiently and continues to churn out Civil Masks as winter arrives in the United States.

BlackStrap proudly delivered donations to more than 300 companies, organizations and individuals across the United States, and every agency that received donations was nominated by someone in their community.  Take a look at the donation list here and, if there is one that you can help support further in your hometown, please consider a personal donation.



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