Bethany Kimball

Bethany Kimball

I ski and work at Sugarloaf mountain in Maine! I taught myself to ski when I was younger; I was too stubborn to take lessons. With help from my friend and roomate Alyssa in college, I progressed at a pretty fast rate. Last year I learned to 180 over jumps, and attempted 360’s. I attempt rails and boxes but usually I get some pretty good bruises, which are always fun to show friends! My passion at the mountain is powder days, ripping through the trees is the best! Skiing isn’t about a competition for me, its about being on the mountain and with the snow (First chair, Last call)!

I am a very active person, I ski as much as I can; when I am not working, and I love to surf and hike in the summer! I am attending my last year of college, and when I get out I plan on traveling around, hopefully out west a bunch. I love to get down, drink beers and have a good time with friends.

I would love to be a lange girl. Since I can remeber, my friends have always had posters up of the “lange girls”, and I have always wanted to be up there with those girls. I am a confindent person and confident in what I do. I believe that I can be a confindent, ripping and “hot” lange girl from Maine.

East Coast 🙂

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