The Best Women’s Skis of 2024

The Best Women’s Skis of 2024

Versatile, reliable and sassy, the skis in this category are built for the all-mountain explorers. The ladies who tear up the front side and aren’t inclined to slow down any time soon.

1. Faction Dancer 2X

Lengths 155, 163, 171, 177 cm
DIM 127-96-117 mm
Radius 15 m @ 163 cm

After just one ride on the stable yet playful Dancer 2X—this year’s category winner—you might guess the goal of The Faction Collective. Its common objective: to make progressive, quality skis in a sustainably-minded manner. Always known for high-octane freeski spirit, Faction doubled down on a cutting-edge development team and shifted production to Europe’s most elite factories five years ago. With the Dancer Series we get true Faction flavor in an all-mountain flat tail. The brand has always delivered in spades with its twin tips, but the infusion of freeski DNA into the flat tails is delivering a winning cocktail—FREESKIER has awarded Faction a number-one category ranking for four years running. The surprise? All of those winners are flat tails. The Dancer 2X is the embodiment of Faction’s forward momentum. Backed by durable Austrian construction powered 100 percent by renewable energy, the Dancer 2X pairs a sustainably-harvested poplar wood core with two full-length, razor-thin sheets of Titanal—perhaps thinner than any other ski in the performance market—balancing stability at top speeds with light weight and playful character. Its unique blend of radius and rocker promotes versatility to ski the entire mountain, in all conditions.


2. Salomon QST Lumen 98

Lengths 152, 160, 168, 176 cm
DIM 132-98-120 mm
Radius 16 m @ 176 cm

Here’s the thing with Salomon’s QST Lumen 98: It’s incredibly approachable for the average skier and unexpectedly fun and versatile—no matter the rider’s skill, style or the terrain. A modern twin rocker shape provides effortless and fast turning capabilities, while a 98-mm waist is wide enough to enjoy most days on the mountain. From freshly groomed corduroy to leftover bumps, steep trees and even a few side hits, the QST Lumen 98 shines in almost every scenario. Former Crested Butte ski patroller Leslie Resnick describes the QST Lumen 98 as “effortless edge-to-edge and so playful.” Beloved tester and Jackson local Tami Razinger adds that “it carves like a MF and reacts quickly to a change of direction.” Double sidewalls ease any apprehension on edge, while cork inserts improve stability when the ride gets rough. Ladies looking for a mighty all-mountain slayer, the search is over. 

3. Elan Ripstick 94W Black Edition

Lengths 146, 154, 162, 170, 178 cm
DIM 136-94-110 mm
Radius 16.2 m @ 170 cm

“The power generated from this ski sets you up to turn heads,” raves tester Michelle Cox about the Ripstick 94W Black Edition. “It propels you quickly and pushes you into the sweet spot of the fall line. It’s playful in the bumps, and with a 94-mm waist, you can zip down any line you choose.” A Buyer’s Guide stalwart since its inception, the Ripstick 94W Black Edition shares the same chassis as the Ripstick 96 Black Edition but rocks a slightly slimmer waist for the ladies. Featuring four carbon rods—dubbed QuadRod—the Ripstick offers an ultra-smooth ride with an impeccable rebound, and the asymmetric profile is enhanced by a carbon weave along the inside edge of each ski to create an unbreakable bond throughout the entire turn. The sleek, matte topsheet with glossy tiger stripes says it all: These kitties are ready to pounce. Meow. 

4. Blizzard Sheeva 9

Lengths 150, 156, 162, 168, 174 cm 
DIM 129-96-118.5 mm
Radius 15 m @ 168 cm

It’s been said that if it aint broke, don’t fix it, but Blizzard tossed that notion right out the window this year with notable updates to its best-selling Sheeva series. The brand’s proprietary Freeride Trueblend wood core—beech stringers underfoot combined with poplar and paulownia—paired with the brand-new FluxForm technology, means the new Sheeva 9 packs the perfect blend of power and play to create an even more versatile freeride weapon than the original Sheeva 9. Utilizing two pieces of Titanal along the length of the ski, FluxForm is purposely an oxymoron—stout and stable yet light and maneuverable. A 96-mm waist makes the Sheeva 9 the littlest sister in the series, but don’t let her stature fool you. She’ll rip you to shreds if you give her the chance. “Whole line. No words. Obsessed,” writes Caroline Daley. “This is a feel-good ski that meets the skier where they’re at—any ability on any day.”

5. HEAD Kore 97 W

Lengths 156, 163, 170, 177 cm
DIM 131-97-118 mm @ 170 cm
Radius 15.3 m @ 170 cm

Girls, if the only stable relationship you’re looking for is with your skis, Head’s redesigned Kore 97 W may be the new love of your life. A blended wood core of karuba and poplar paired with now multiple layers of carbon reduces the weight of the ski without sacrificing the performance that has made the Kore series a stalwart on our coveted pages year after year. The use of graphene additionally reduces the overall mass and re-balances the ski’s swing weight so you can pop, lock and drop it all over the mountain without ever having to worry if these skis will stick with you. Testing Queen Leslie Resnick exclaims, “I always thought a ski had to be heavy to perform this well. Effortless turns and feels perfectly balanced. I have to reset my beliefs that a ski can be this progressively able in a lighter weight. Supercalifragilous fun.”

6. Dynastar E-Pro 99

best skis

Lengths 154, 162, 170, 178 cm 
DIM 126-98-116 mm 
Radius 18 m @ 170 cm

Dynastar’s E-Pro 99 has graced these pages in years past and for good reason. It’s stable, maneuverable and incredibly responsive. This year, the E-Pro 99 returns with a few enhancements. Namely, a poplar and polyurethane construction reinforced with a Titanal plate. That means this ski can handle the highest speeds and stomp the burliest landings with style and ease. While the E-Pro 99 undoubtedly shines on piste, don’t let the 98-mm waist fool you. The 126-mm tip with added rocker provides supreme float in deeper snow. The iridescent gray topsheet with a subtle rose print ensures this ski looks as good as it performs, and our female testers were far from disappointed on either front. “Poppin bottles and bumps on this ski.” Steph Petter raves. “Super nimble, fun to bounce around the trees and easy to make quick turns.”

7. Atomic Maven 93 C

Lengths 156, 164, 172 cm 
DIM 127.5-94-111.5 mm 
Radius 17.9 m @ 172 cm

Versatility is the name of the game for this entire category of women’s skis, including Atomic’s Maven 93 C. The brand’s proprietary OMatic Core consists of lightweight triaxial fiberglass and carbon layers combined with poplar wood to create a lovely balance of flex and stability throughout the entire ski. Dubbed the Flow Profile by the Austrian team of engineers, the Maven 93 C offers an ideal combination of camber underfoot, shovel taper and tip rocker featuring the brand’s HRZN tech in the tip to create ten percent more surface area. This ski hooks up on hardpack just as well as floats through blower pow. “This is a great ski for the masses. Very easy to ski, carves well and turns on a dime,” says Heidi Lauterbach. “It holds up against an aggressive turn and doesn’t make you feel like an awful skier if you just wanna smear, slide and skid around,” adds Caroline Daley. 

8. Kästle Obsidian 92

Lengths 148, 155, 162, 169 cm 
DIM 127-92-115 mm 
Radius 14.6 m @ 169 cm

The Queen of Kästle’s new women’s Terra lineup, the Obsidian 92 boasts the same construction as the brand’s ZX 92—the only difference being the available lengths in each model. As part of the brand’s freeride line, the Obsidian 92 offers a softer flex and significantly more rocker than the typical carving-oriented skis Kästle is known for. A prepreg construction means this ski is more durable and responsive than the average ski without any sort of reinforcement, while a poplar and beech wood core combined with the brand’s Hollowtech 2.0 technology provides a confidence-inspiring level of stability. Whether you’re ripping groomers first thing in the morning, harvesting spring corn in the afternoon or everything in between, the Obsidian 92 will provide an incredibly smooth ride. Get it!? “Smooth sailing from top to bottom, there wasn’t a single turn I didn’t trust on these sticks,” says tester Erin Spong.

9. Scott Pure Mission 98 Ti W’s

Lengths 160, 168, 175 cm
DIM 133-98-119 mm 
Radius 17 m @ 168 cm

Scott has brought back the all-mountain freeride Pure series, and this time, with a women’s collection. The Pure Mission 98 Ti W’s is made to be a freeride weapon, hence why Freeride World Tour athlete Molly Armanino is practically unstoppable on these sticks. The Titanal sandwich construction delivers incomparable stability at high speeds. At the same time, the lightweight paulownia and beech wood core paired with carbon fibers allow the ski to react at half a moment’s notice. Whether you enjoy riding the chair, walking up the skintrack or doing both on the same day, the Pure Mission 98 Ti W’s from Scott will take you everywhere you want to go—and maybe even beyond. Just take it from Leslie Resnick, who says the Pure Mission 98 Ti W’s is “light and capable. A fun ski that can ski the resort, or you can take it on a quick tour.”

10. K2 Mindbender 99Ti W

Lengths 154, 160, 166, 172, 178 cm 
DIM 134-99-120 mm 
Radius 15.4 m @ 166 cm

Rounding out this category of female-specific planks is K2’s Mindbender 99Ti W. Unchanged from last year, the Mindbender 99Ti W features the brand’s unique Titanal Y-Beam construction, which strategically places Titanal only on the edges of the tip of the ski, full width underfoot and only in the middle of the tail of the ski. This ensures predictable turn initiation, maximum control and power transfer, and increased directional stability with consistent release, respectively. The All-Terrain Rocker profile adds to the control and agility of the ski for when you find yourself in those “oh shit, gotta turn” moments. “This thing rips,” says Michelle Cox. “It’s a fun ski to shlarp turns, easy to maneuver and quick to respond,” adds Tami Razinger. You heard it here first, ladies. The Mindbender 99Ti W will alter how you see and ski the mountain.

For the unafraid and unapologetic. Those who prefer powder over groomers and the fall line over the lift line, this category of planks was built for you, because girls just wanna have fun.

1. Salomon QST Stella 106

Lengths 157, 165, 173 cm
DIM 138-106-125 mm
Radius 18 m @ 173 cm

The Queen of the QST line, the Stella 106 from Salomon, lands at the top of the category for good reason. At 106-mm underfoot, the Stella is a prime powder weapon on the ice coast while it’s just wide enough to be a comfortable everyday ski in the Rockies and beyond. A freeride rocker profile is responsible for the Stella’s ability to float, pivot and hold on when the powder hardens, while a cork damplifier virtually mutes all chatter in the tip. “I had so much fun on this ski,” tester Dylan Zarett professes. “I floated over powder, and it was a light enough ski to hop around in the pow. It skis short and is super bouncy. It carved like a dream and surprised me with how effortlessly I could transition through turns.” Boasting the same guts as the QST 106, the Stella rocks a prettier topsheet but still packs all of the beloved versatility of her twin brother. 

2. K2 Mindbender 116C W

Lengths 163, 170, 177 cm 
DIM 143-116-132 mm 
Radius 18 m @ 170 cm

If you’ve ever watched McKenna Peterson ski Alaskan spines, you’ll understand exactly what she was looking for in the redesign of the Mindbender 116C W. Supreme float, effortless maneuverability and confidence-inspiring stability are the focus on the Mindbender 116C W and girl, did they nail it on the head with this one. Featuring the brand’s spectral braid technology, K2 can alter the fiber orientation along the length of the ski for precise torsional stiffness and flex—no matter what angle the forces are coming from. This creates an incredibly lively and energetic feel with no compromises. Tester Heidi Lauterbach admits she’s a “big fan…big, big fan. It’s light, fast and turns on the fly.” Steph Petter adds, “At first, it seemed really big, but once you ski it, it’s super easy to maneuver, and at speed, it’s super stable and fun to let them run.”

3. Blizzard Sheeva 11

Lengths 168, 174, 180 cm 
DIM 140-112-130 mm
Radius 17.5 m @ 174 cm

While it wasn’t without risk to change up its award-winning Sheeva line, Blizzard was able to make a great ski—aka the Sheeva 11—even better with the skillful input from its hard-charging lineup of ladies like Elyse Saugstad and Caite Zeliff. Some notable additions to the Sheeva 11 include the brand’s unique Freeride Trueblend wood core, which blends three different densities of wood for equal power and play, as well as the all-new FluxForm W.S.D. technology, which tapers the Titanal within the ski to provide unparalleled edge-hold underfoot and torsional stability in the tip and tail. Just take it from tester Caroline Daley, the Sheeva 11 is “a wider ski that still lays it down. Just like the 10, it’s agile and user-friendly but definitely burlier than its narrower sister. It’s a good landing pad and proper plow for chunky snow and powder alike.”

4. Völkl Blaze 106 W

Lengths 158, 165, 172, 179 cm
DIM 146-106-128 mm
Radius 14 m @ 165 cm

The Völkl Blaze 106 W is for the ladies who tend to forge their own path down the mountain—forgoing marked trails altogether. At 106-mm underfoot, this hot shot of a ski was made to go wherever you damn well please. Up, down, all around, the Blaze 106 W is at your beck and call, and a 3D radius sidecut means you can switch from long, laid-out arcs to quick slalom turns at will. “If I were in the market for one ski, this could be a quiver killer for a lot of people,” says Steph Petter. Leslie Resnick adds, “The ski did everything exceptionally well.” A hybrid wood core shaves a lot of the weight that Völkl skis are known for without losing the lock-tight edge hold skiers depend on. But don’t let that fool you. A Titanal plate underfoot provides extra power for plowing through hard crud, stomping big drops and throwing them over on steep slopes. 

5. Völkl Secret 102

Lengths 156, 163, 170, 177 cm 
DIM 142-102-124 mm
Radius 16 m @ 170 cm

For the ladies who like their skis to be a bit beefier, Völkl carries its quintessential Secret series. The Secret 102 is updated for 2024 with the addition of a tailored Titanal frame, meaning the amount of Titanal tailors to the width and length of the ski, as well as carbon tips that improve stability and maneuverability. Much like the Blaze 106 W, the Secret 102 features the 3D radius sidecut—a longer radius in the tip and tail, a shorter radius underfoot—so the skier can make any size turn at any given time in any given terrain. The 102-mm base provides enough width for a new inch or two, but it really shines while carving through hardpack groomers and stretching the speed limit. “If you like the front of the boot, you’ll like this ski,” says Caroline Daley. “It’s totally capable of providing stability, float and turnability all over the mountain,” adds Leslie Resnick. 

6. Icelantic Nia Pro 105

Lengths 162, 169, 177 cm
DIM 135-105-125 mm
Radius 20 m @ 177 cm

Fully rockered skis are few and far between these days, especially on the women’s side of things, but Icelantic listened to their team of ripping ladies and co-developed the Nia Pro 105. Featuring the brand’s Reflective Rocker technology, the rocker profile mirrors the sidecut and creates an intuitive, easy-to-turn ski while also being a prime floating device. Icelantic ensured the Nia Pro 105 was stiff enough to stomp huge landings and transfer energy, so ladies like Amy David can make the entire mountain one giant feature. “Schmeers better than a New York bagel shop. Super fun in moguls and trees,” Steph Petter reported back. “It’s been a while since I’ve skied on full rockers, and I’m stoked this was my first full rocker in a while,” adds Jen Picarazzi. “They did amazing in the shallow pow and trees.”

7. Rossignol Rallybird 104 Ti

Lengths 163, 171, 178 cm
DIM 137-102-127 mm 
Radius 16 m @ 171 cm

As you can gather from the name, the Rallybird 104 Ti from Rossignol is a directional speed machine with absolutely no speed limit. “This ski wants to go downhill fast and needs someone up to the task of driving it,” says Caroline Daley after getting on a pair at Jackson Hole. Whether you frequent the mountains out east or west, the 104-mm waist straddles the line between ample float and precise edge control, which means you can take these birds anywhere, and they’ll be begging to fly. A layer of Titanal in the ski ensures premium stability, and a wide tip won’t drag you down. “I felt so comfortable at high speed and transitioning from edge to carve,” Jenna Mahaffie reports. For the ladies looking to leave everyone in the dust, this may be the race car you were looking for. 

8. Blizzard Sheeva 10

Lengths 156, 162, 168, 174, 180 cm
DIM 133.5-102-122.5 mm 
Radius 15.5 m @ 168 cm

The Sheeva 10 shines in the center of the pack. Redesigned with the rest of the Sheeva line, the 10 was born to break boundaries—from the resort to the backcountry. Featuring the women-specific FluxForm technology and Freeride Trueblend wood core, the Sheeva 10 provides enough confidence to press send on just about any objective. At 102-mm underfoot, the Sheeva 10 can both float and carve with the best of ’em, which means you never have to question which ski to bring to the hill. Quiver killer, dare we say? After spinning a few laps on Jackson’s Thunder lift, tester Jenna Mahaffie couldn’t deny the Sheeva 10’s appeal, “They felt super comfortable on edge but also had enough pop and play to make a solid impression through soft bumps and tighter trees. It would make a solid daily driver for anyone looking for a ski that can do it all.”

9. K2 Mindbender 106C W

Lengths 155, 162, 169, 176 cm
DIM 138-106-127 mm 
Radius 15.7 m @ 169 cm

“I trusted this ski to go where I wanted it, to the point that a better name for it might be the Mindreader,” says Caroline Daley. “It’s light and maneuverable in tight trees and bumps.” Along with the entire Mindbender collection, the Mindbender 106C W from K2 received a complete redesign last year, and those technical advances remain noteworthy for 2024. K2’s Spectral Braid technology alters the fiber orientation along the length of the ski for precision-tuned torsion and flex. At 106-mm wide underfoot, the Mindbender 106C W excels all over the mountain in all types of conditions. Whether it hasn’t snowed in days or you’re plundering last night’s refresh, the Mindbender 106C W is light enough to float, pop and play with total ease while the carbon ensures stability and strength in chop and chunder. 

10. Blackcrows Atris Birdie

Lengths 160.2, 166.3, 172.1, 178.4 cm
DIM 136-105-122 mm  
Radius 19 m @ 160.2 cm

Not every ski can remain relevant a decade after its inception, but the Atris Birdie from Blackcrows is not every ski. The Atris Birdie features a poplar and fiberglass core for a lightweight yet sturdy feel underfoot, while a double rocker profile creates a maneuverable ski that’s easy to pivot and control. The mid-fat waist is just wide enough to maintain float in the fresh while a straighter sidecut ensures balance between soft and hardpack snow. All of our testers agreed the Atris Birdie is an ideal ski to kill a quiver but also noted it skis a bit shorter, which means sizing up may be a good idea. “The Atris Birdie is a gal’s best friend,” says Michelle Cox. “The dampness of the tip absorbs crud, and the 105-mm waist provides enough float for a big day but still will get you to and from the stash on the groomers. Put them on and sendr’.”