The best park skis of 2022

The best park skis of 2022

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Freestyle skiing has numerous avenues—street hits, jump lines, halfpipes and rails—and when your imagination is firing, you don’t want skis that hold you back. The latest breed of skis, the best park skis of the year, boast the symmetrical designs, minimal swing weights and plentiful pop you need to nail the line you see. First try or tenth… that’s up to you. 

J skis The Allplay

best park skis

If you are one of the many weary travelers on the elusive search for a single-ski quiver that will carry you from knee deep blower, into the park and everywhere in between, halt! The Holy Grail be-ith in front of you. Ski-crafting guru Jason Levinthal delivers one ski to tame it all—The Allplay. Its maple core, carbon stringers and thick edges bring powerful pop, generous flex and durability on rails. The versatile 98-mm waist gives this ski unmatched control in less generous conditions but when the deep snow comes knockin’, the 119-mm tip has an early taper shape and gentle rocker, which will have you floating like a feather. While this ski can perform in the park with the best, it will have you skiing confidently no matter where you roam on the hill.

Head Oblivion 94

best park skis

For those looking to hit the park but want enough ski to play all over, the Oblivion is a quintessential driver. An evolution of Head’s iconic Caddy line—Simon Dumont’s go-to back in the day—the Oblivion features a vibration dampening Independent Suspension System to absorb the impact on big landings and add additional stability. Head’s Tuff-Wall sidewall construction and thicker edges and bases also gives this baddie an extra sense of durability and bunker-busting strength, ready to eat up and spit out the wear-and-tear encountered in the park. While the graphics aren’t the flashiest, the ski speaks for itself. Dedicated park skiers will open the door to all-mountain creativity with Head’s all-new Oblivion 94.

Völkl Revolt 95

Völkl’s Revolt line has proven to be a group of battle-tested champions. The Revolt 95 is designed with input from Ahmet Dadali, and the product is a versatile jib machine. A core forged out of a union of poplar and beech wood promises durability, with a composite of hard wood underfoot to ensure stability and strength where you need it. A adaptable underfoot width of 95 mm, combined with the larger tip and tail, make for a great combination of control and surfy playfulness. It will butter with ease off of whatever jump, tabletop or knuckle your imagination settles on. Whether it’s lapping the park in the spring sunshine or setting out on an urban mission with your friends, the Revolt 95 won’t back down from a challenge. 

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