Become An AFP Member, Compete With The Best

Become An AFP Member, Compete With The Best

In just three short weeks, the AFP will be making some changes that could affect you. As of February 1st, the AFP will list only the names of those who are registered members in their rankings. In other words, ranked skiers who are not members will simply be listed in the overall ranking as "non-members," and they will not have a profile on the website.

Mind you, there will still be a place holder in the rank position where your name would usually be. Otherwise, it would solely be a ranking of AFP members and not a true ranking. As an example, let's say the rider ranked in 12th is not an AFP member – in 12th position it would read, "non-member."  So if you want to see your name on the list and have a featured profile, you must join before time runs out.

And heck, with a membership fee of $35, you'd be crazy to let this opportunity pass by.

If you want a shot at competing with the big boys, registration is a must. Just ask Gus Kenworthy. Last season, Gus dominated open events. He kept tabs on the event-rating system, and busted his butt to "crank down and get some results." Thanks to his efforts, he's earned himself a spot at the upcoming Winter X-Games and will be gracing the television screens of millions of fans.

And just because Gus has himself a spot at X this year doesn't mean he's going to give up on those open events just yet. Every point counts, and that's why he's making the trek to Northstar-at-Tahoe this weekend for the first stop of The North Face Park and Pipe Open Series. If you're an aspiring skier, you should be doing exactly the same thing.

Steele Spence, former professional skier and current GM of AFP remarks, "the new AFP World Ranking is a huge step forward in providing the skiing community with a robust and accurate world ranking.  As of February 1st only AFP Members will be able to take full advantage of these great new features. So become a member, build your profile, track your results and most importantly see your name on the AFP World Ranking."

So now you've heard it from Steele, the gang here at Freeskier and Mr. Kenworthy himself. And most every professional athlete on the AFP circuit would agree; many of them voice their opinions in the video below – check it! Don't delay, register today.




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