Be part of Turbo Tour ’08 – Host a Premiere!

Be part of Turbo Tour ’08 – Host a Premiere!

The clock is ticking in the Level 1 offices, and we’re mere days away from wrapping up Turbo. Premiere season is right around the corner, and there are already a number of major and minor Turbo Tour screenings being scheduled across the globe.

Don’t see your town on the the list?

Want to help set up or run a Turbo Tour stop in your town/school/ski club???

Drop an email to [email protected] for the lowdown.

Premieres are awesome fundraisers and programming events for high schools, colleges and universities, ski clubs, local mountains, shops, and everything in between!

Big or small, on its own or in conjunction with a rail jam, tent sale, concert, or other event, we’ll help you to make your Turbo premiere go off.


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