Ask a Pro: Torin Yater-Wallace answers 11 of your best questions

Ask a Pro: Torin Yater-Wallace answers 11 of your best questions

Before jet-setting off to Zurich to participate in the annual big air contest, young Yater-Wallace took a moment to answer some of your most burning questions. From what type of underwear he rocks in the pipe, to which female skier gives him that warm, fuzzy feeling inside, Torin isn’t afraid to get personal—his answers are posted below.

Next up in the Ask a Pro series is Ingrid Backstrom. Post your questions for Ingrid here.


Torin awaits the judges’ score at X Games Aspen, 2013

Torin’s A’s to your Q’s:

@charliesanchez01: When competing, do you go for comfort and wear boxers, or go all out on style and wear briefs?

  • Haha, I go with the briefs. Keeps your business together.

@fskproduction: What’s the next trick you want to learn?

  • I want to get a lot more grab variations in the tricks I have now. In the future, maybe try a left double in the pipe and I also want to learn some switch left stuff.

@Nate: What’s the best trick in skiing and who does it?

  • Way too many sick tricks these days to claim one best, but one of my favorites to date is Henrik Harlaut’s rodeo 10 safety.

@lukesmart: AR7 or El-Rey?

  • AR7.

@TopherRitz: What kind of coaching did you get throughout your childhood for skiing? Did you play other sports and, if so, how did you fit that in with skiing?

  • I was coached for awhile through the Aspen Valley Ski Club (AVSC) by various coaches, and also Elana Chase after that. I played soccer for a long time, then stopped because it took up time where I could have been skiing.

@Aspen_Boyy: Hey Torin! I’m an Aspen skier too. I’m 13 years old and am currently competing in small competitions through USASA. My question is, who gave you the opportunity to compete in higher competitions after USASA, like Gatorade Free Flow, Dew Tour and eventually X Games?

  • I got the opportunity by doing well at those smaller events, and eventually you will get invites to the bigger stuff. The Gatorade Free Flow Tour was a really big part in getting me to where I’m at now because I was lucky enough to win a pre-qualified spot into the Dew Tour the next year.

@shredrevy: At what age did you get your first sponsor? What company was it and how did you get it?

  • I think I was about nine years old when Obermeyer first sponsored me, and Smith Optics was around the same time. At that age I got the sponsors by making a sponsor me video and a little résumé about myself.

@Carolina_Refresh: Do you think there’s any possibility to become a freeskier like you? Even if I’m already 17 and I’m a girl?

  • Haha, I think it is definitely a possibility no matter how old you are. Not every pro skier started skiing in diapers. You just gotta go out and ski a lot because it’s fun and you will learn tricks faster than you think.

@42o69: Who is the female skier that you want to get with most?

  • Give Emma Watson a pair of skis, and then she’s a female skier… or maybe Keltie.

@mreichert68: Who is the most inspiring skier to you, and what advice can you give to young skiers who want to get up to pro status?

  • Sammy Carlson, Candide Thovex and Henrik Harlaut are a few really inspiring skiers to me. Advice for young skiers trying to become pro… I would say keep going out skiing as much as possible whether that’s on the mountain, your backyard, urban or wherever. Just keep at it because you will be surprised where hard work can take you.

@krobinson: Having Target as a sponsor must be crazy! What’s the best part of having them as a sponsor?

  • Having Target as a sponsor is definitely crazy and I still can’t believe I am a part of the team, but I couldn’t be happier. I would say the best part is all the opportunities they provide outside of skiing. For instance, every summer we get to go out to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis to hang out at the Target House, where the patients stay, and we get to do all kinds of activities with them. It’s a pretty crazy experience getting to go out there and do that. It really makes you appreciate everything you have in your life. I wouldn’t have opportunities like that if I weren’t a part of Target.

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Next up in the Ask a Pro series is Ingrid Backstrom. Post your questions for Ingrid here.



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