Arnaud Rougier and PC Fosse join the International Team

Arnaud Rougier and PC Fosse join the International Team

In the face of budget cuts and team slayings going on around the industry, even with the big players, The Faction Collective is pumped to announce two new additions to the international team. Arnaud Rougier of France and PC Fosse of Norway are at the top of their game and we expect big things from them this winter.

Arnaud has been a core member of the French ski scene for years. Starting off as a member of the French Mogul Federation he has had a long history of competitive success. Seven years selected for the US Open Superpipe finals and last year winning “Les Jeux des Nieges” Big Air in Grenoble are just a couple of the highlights. For the past two years, Arnaud has stepped up his skiing to a truely international level as a member of the elite Level 1 Productions team. His segment in this year’s film, “Refresh” will pump up riders worldwide when Level 1 launches their winter tour in Moscow on October 15th. This winter Arnaud will continue to film with Level 1 Productions and even his own production company, A’s Films in France and the U.S. He will do, both the park shoots and definitely crowd pleasing backcountry kicker sessions like those seen in “Refresh”. As The Faction Collective team develops both in skill and professionalism a rider like Arnaud Rougier will be right at the core. His other sponsors include: O’neill Europe, Smith Optics International, and DaKine.

PC Fosse breaks the mould of a young and inexperienced skier with innovation and pure guts. Growing up on the rock solid ski slopes of Norway, PC has already made his mark on the sport with the first ever confirmed double-corked 1440. So far this year he has placed, 2nd in the Nippon Open and 7th in the NZ Open among a strong field of top riders, just behind local favourite Jossi Wells. At the end of October he heads to the UK to compete in the London Freeze sponsored by LG. PC will become a front man for Faction saying, “I am stoked about Faction and love their philosophy”. Commenting on his decision to leave previous ski sponsor Kneissl, PC said “I really want to join a team focusing on the same sport as I do.” With other strong riders on the team to push him like Arnaud Rougier, Canada’s Mike Mertion and others, PC will certainly be a force to be reckoned with. PC also rides for Sweet Protection

Check out Arnaud in Level 1 Productions “Refresh”


PC Fosse’s amazing double-cork 1440 and profile video on The Faction Collective Youtube Channel


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