This time of year, we are all feeling pretty gung-ho to get out there and rip down our favorite lines. We are almost there, friends. We’ll be skiing anytime, now. What our winter has in store for us, it is too soon to tell. My first day of the year was simply a rail session with my favorite snowboarder, Dan Krenicki, at our friend A-Bro’s (Elevated Image Photography) house in Squaw. While I knew others that were out on Mt Rose actually skiing, I had SOOOO MUCH FUN! A thirty foot flat-to-down rail, set up better than most park rails, to ourselves… I’ll be skiing plenty this year, but how many sessions will I have like this? There will be many, I’ve decided. They might not all be backyard jibs; some will be in bounds; some will be in the backcountry; but when you stick that trick or that line, and look over at your friend like, “Dude, that was soooo fun!!!”

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