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All aboard for Nikolai Schirmer’s WAVY

Have you ever found yourself in a sticky situation and wondered how you could have ended up there? All too often athletes hyper-focus on a goal, which can cause them to lose sight of what’s going on around them. For Nikolai Schirmer, that tunnel vision has lead him to some pretty sketchy situations.

In his latest film, WAVY, the Norwegian big-mountain skier sets sail on Sofie, lead by Captain Crocs, in search of the Kvænangstindan mountain range. Schirmer has been dreaming about sinking his skis into this range for nearly a decade and finally the timing and weather have lined up for the pursuit—or so it seemed. After an incredibly close call earlier in the trip, when the time comes to ascend Kvænangstindan, Schirmer and his partner Krister Kopala decide to rip skins early and head back to the boat. While many would consider this a defeat, Schirmer and Kopala are happy to ski another day and head home to their girlfriends.

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