AJ Kemppainen and Nahoko Okada win Nippon Open Halfpipe

AJ Kemppainen and Nahoko Okada win Nippon Open Halfpipe

More news from the land of the rising sun: AJ Kemppainen and Nahoko Okada have taken home the top spots at the Nippon Open Halfpipe in Joestsu-Kokusai. Details are still few and far between but here are the results:

Word on the street is AJ’s run went down like this: 900 to right 900 to 540 to right 540 to 1080, glassy smooth and stylish as only AJ can deliver.

Men’s Results:
1: AJ Kemppainen
2: Kevin Rolland
3: Kentaro Tsuda
4: Nathan Wood
5: Dane Ulsifer
6: Xavier Bertoni
7: Guillaume Sbrava
8: Matt Margetts
9: Loic Collomb-Patton
10: Byron Wells
11: Kiyoshi Terada
12: Kyosuke Namiki
Women’s Results:
1: Nahoko Okada
2: Virginie Faivre
3: Manami Mitsuboshi
4: Stephanie Sirianni
5: Mirjam Jaeger
6:Ayana Onozuka
7: Mille Windfeldt
8: Kimmy Sharp
9: Matsuura Emi
10: Keltie Hansen

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