4 tHe LoVe oF lAnGE-bAnG

4 tHe LoVe oF lAnGE-bAnG

iTs nOt A HoBBy. ItS mORe tHaN a sPoRt. ItS, a wAy OF tHInkINg, A stAtE OF beING…a LIfeSTyLe, My LiFesTylE.

DeDIcAtiOn: eVEry wEEkEnd AnD hoLidaY froM oCtOber tO mAy
DEtErMInAtiOn: gO BiGGeR, Go FaStER, GO haRdER thAn AnyONe elSE- aNd lOOk gOOd DoinG IT
DiLiGeNCe: FirST chAIr – fIrST TraCKs to lAST cHaIr – LasT TrAcKs
pRIdE: rOCkin’ a gOgGle tAN
MoTiVAtIon: beINg ChAsEd by SkI paTrOL
daTInG & rELatIOnShips: “if HE doEsn’T sKi, he’S NOT fOr mE.”

DoN’t Be DeFinEd…Be tHe DeFIniTiOn, tHe EmBOdiMent, ThE fAcE.

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