3 Weeks Left for Free Catskiing

3 Weeks Left for Free Catskiing

3 Weeks left to Enter the ‘Name that Line’ Contest and WIN Catskiing with Backcountry Snowcats

What do “The Sex Tiger”, “Creamy Jeans” and “There Will Be Blood” have in common? Not much, but they’re all name ideas for Backcountry Snowcats newest line.

There’s only three weeks left to be a part of Backcountry Snowcats history, and score some free Cat-Skiing out of the deal. Think you can come up with a better name? Bring it on.

Backcountry Snowcats, located on the Hurley Pass north of Pemberton and south of the cult-classic snowmobiling hub of Bralorne, has more epic ski & snowboard terrain than we know what to do with. It has been a mind-blowing season so far, with more storms and good times to come. With the recent nice weather the cat has been pushing roads higher and higher into the alpine, now within spitting distance of… the new line. The line that you get to name.

Enter the contest, come up with a name for one of the new lines, and if your line name is chosen, you win a weekend at Backcountry Snowcats to shred your new line, and many others. First explore www.snowcats.ca to learn about the area, then enter a name that best suites this unnamed line.

Someone is going to score a weekend worth $898 CAD, with 2 nights at the Hurley Mountain Lodge, snowmobile or Snow Cat rides to and from Pemberton, 2 days cat skiing/riding, and hearty catered meals during your stay.

To get your juices flowing, here’s some funny, clever, and random contenders that were received so far, all loosely related to cats, snow, and railroads:
‘One Track Mind’,
‘Boxcar Gnarly’,
‘The Sex Tiger’,
‘Smoking Bowls’,
‘The Humpyard’,
‘Bullet Terrain’,
‘There Will Be Blood’,
‘3:10 to Hurley’,
‘Gravy Train’,
‘Station 4:20’,
‘Tighty Whitey’,
‘Creamy Jeans’,
and of course the most lewd of them all, ‘Strippers Tits’.

The unnamed line is one of several mouth-watering, feature-filled, powdery, 3000 ft lines in the North Ridge zone. Topping out at 2300m with views of Bralorne 20km away, it drops for a 1000m (3300ft) descent of epic skiing and riding. Weave the glades, slash the gully walls, or just point it down the center. If this line doesn’t get your heart pumping, you’re already dead.

Come up with a clever name that’s as unique as the terrain, and if it’s chosen, you win a cat skiing trip. If you don’t win, go anyways. You won’t regret it.



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