2011 Red Bull Cold Rush Results – Sean Pettit and Grete Eliassen Take Top Honors

2011 Red Bull Cold Rush Results – Sean Pettit and Grete Eliassen Take Top Honors


Words and photos by Chip Kalback

Day 3 marked the final day of the 2011 Red Bull Cold Rush, which took place in a heli-only accessible zone of Silverton Mountain, in a series of cliffs split into 3 different zones.

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I’m not even sure where to begin with writing a recap of today.. should I talk about Sean Pettit sending it off the biggest cliff, at full speed, his first run? Or what about Dane Tudor’s gigantic 720? Maybe I should talk about Blake Nyman’s super smooth style stomping tricks and cruising out switch in the mash potatoe-esque Silverton snow… Then again Grete Eliassen and Jackie Paaso were absolutely killing it as well.

Maybe I’ll start out my recap talking about Sage Cattabriga-Alosa taking a totally different line as always, covering almost the entire competition area with his creativity on snow. I should definitely say something about Dave Treadway’s super laid out backflip to a perfectly stomped landing, as he rides away smiling ear to ear. Although Tim Durtschi did air off a cliff as the snow underneath him gave out seconds after he got off the ground.

I guess the best way to describe the day would be blue skies and sun, friends cheering on friends as everyone tested their own limits, and one hell of a highlight reel garnering cheers and applause from everyone in the screening room that evening! Bragging rights for the day’s cliff event would ultimately go to Sean Pettit and Grete Eliassen as they put together the most solid and creative lines, as voted by their peers.

In the end, it was also Sean Pettit and Grete Eliassen who would take home top honors as the winners of the 2011 Red Bull Cold Rush in Silverton, Colorado, with unbelievably huge airs, consistent performance, and the technical ability great enough to be voted to the top by their competition. Congratulations to Sean Pettit and Grete Eliassen for their victories at what has been described by the competitors as the “best event out”!

Lastly, a huge thank you is well overdue to Red Bull, Ryan Snyder and O.C. at Red Bull, the town of Silverton, Colorado for hosting us, and all of the extra hands helping out this week to help put on such an awesome competition. Without them this could not have happened and on behalf of myself and the rest of the participants, thanks!

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2011 Red Bull Cold Rush Winners

See video of all the action.

2011 Red Bull Cold Rush Results:


1. Grete Eliassen


1. Sean Pettit
2. Sage Cattabriga-Alosa
3. Dane Tudor

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