The 2009/10 Season Starts at Loveland, CO

The 2009/10 Season Starts at Loveland, CO


Colorado is open for the season!

Even though it is nothing more than the fabled “white-ribbon-of-death”, opening day holds a mystique that far exceeds the actual amount of snow on the mountain. It means our favorite time of year is upon us and we will soon be making turns complete with face shots in deep pow or rallying up the wall of a half pipe. It means you can break out your gear and not feel guilty about wearing it around the house — you know you did that once or twice this summer. It means you will soon be sharing a chairlift with a stranger who doesn’t feel like a stranger because you share a passion for something as simple as sliding down a mountain of snow.

Camping out for first chair.

Ski season always dredges up friends whose friendships get put on hold during the summer months and every early season is like a class reunion with hugs and high-fives and “so good to see you!”s all over the snow and in the lodge. Today was no exception for me or for the other mountain goers.

Loveland provided all of that emotion and excitement today when they fired up chair one this morning at 8:30 and provided the first lift-accessed runs of the 2009-2010 season here in Colorado.

Earlybird corduroy!

Free donuts helped spur on the stoke and a camaraderie among all opening day participants was apparent. Not a harsh word or mean glance was heard or seen; more like perma-grins and friendly banter.

Derek Pappas of Orage (one of the seasonal friends, mentioned above) was on hand to facilitate a twitter scavenger hunt that dropped prizes all over the mountain and released clues via twitter of @freeskier, @loveland and @orage. Many a t-shirt, hoodies and jackets were given away to the dedicated crowd.

Pete Drago from Jiberish, Digi Dave and Dustin Schaefer from Loveland ride up to shred.

It wasn’t the most epic day of actual skiing I’ve ever had, but opening day always provides excitement of what the winter will bring, and today was no exception.

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