10 Best Powder Skis of 2010/11

10 Best Powder Skis of 2010/11


#1 K2 – Hellbent

This is one of the most surfy powder skis on the market. It boasts a "hellish" amount of rocker on both the tip and tail while maintaining slight traditional camber underfoot for ample control between pow stashes.More info

Carving: 4
Playfulness: 5
Stability: 4.1
Float: 5

#2 Atomic – Bent Chetler

Editor's Pick The Bent-Chetler is fun in every way a ski should be fun. It floats perfectly in powder, can be flung around with ease and it’s buttery in the tip and tail. “One of the lightest big powder skis out there,” said one tester. “Very responsive,” added another. More info
Carving: 3.8 Playfulness: 4.8 Stability: 4.3 Float: 5 OVERALL: 17.9

#3 Fat-ypus – I-Rock

Editor's Pick “Very buttery and playful, still good on groomers,” said a tester. “If I were an editor, this would be my pick.” Small ski manu- facturer Fat-Ypus continues to surprise and impress our testers. This year, the Coloardo-based company brought its new I-Rock to the table, and testers were wowed. More info
Carving: 4 Playfulness: 4.6 Stability: 4.4 Float: 4.6 OVERALL: 17.6

#4 Nordica- Radict

The Radict is new from Nordica this year. Ample early rise and a generous 127 mm footprint give it great float in powder, while the relatively stiff flex allows it to perform well out of the pow, too. “Gotta be on it, but it rips,” commented one tester, noting the ski’s powerful nature. The ski excels at high speeds, so if you’re timid in the powder, stay away. More info
Carving: 3.9 Playfulness: 3.6 Stability: 47 Float: 5 OVERALL: 17.2

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