Mt. Bachelor: Snow Report and Mountain Info

Mt. Bachelor: Snow Report and Mountain Info

You’re surely familiar with the PNW’s reputation as a recipient of abundant snowfall. For those who crave a piece of the pow, Oregon’s Mt. Bachelor should fall near the top of the list for resorts to visit. From Redmond Airport it’s a quick jaunt to the beautiful city of Bend. Home to wonderful hotels, restaurants and a slew of breweries, you’ll find plenty to keep you occupied while you’re not on the hill.

The mountain lies 22 miles up an access road from Bend. There’s not much surrounding the resort in the way of fancy homes or big hotels—it’s just simple wilderness. At 9,065 feet, Mt. Bachelor boasts the highest skiable terrain in all of Oregon and Washington. Bachelor is a dormant volcano, and it’s possible to ski 360 degrees off the summit. Many of the trails at Bachelor were naturally formed by lava flows; magma carved through bedrock creating ditches reminiscent of halfpipes. You’ll have a blast letting loose, making big sweeping turns the whole way down. Wind lips and terrain features are aplenty, so if you’re one who enjoys popping off every damn thing in sight, you’ll get your fix.

Don’t miss out on the popular “Cone,” where a quick hike will get you some great turns. The trees off of the Outback Express chair are ultra fun to rip through on pow days. Also, shred the Northwest Express lift, and hit the traverse at the top. Drop in wherever you see the goods, and shred through the open bowls and stashes until you hit the trees. Hit the summit for steeper terrain, and don’t miss out on the parks— they’re top-notch.

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