Local Beta: Whistler Blackcomb

Here’s the inside line on where to eat, sleep, ski, repeat

Local Beta: Whistler Blackcomb

Here’s the inside line on where to eat, sleep, ski, repeat

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Age: 27
Hometown: Kimberly, BC
Sponsors: Arcade Belts, Atomic, Backcountry.com, Smith Optics, Sony, Surefoot, The North Face, Whistler Blackcomb

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Nick McNutt has become a household name in the ski world over the past few years, thanks to impressive self-edits and segments with Teton Gravity Research. He also calls Whistler Blackcomb home, and has spent the past 10 years honing his craft at the gargantuan resort. So, who better to give us the rundown on the best spots at the resort and in town than this switch-skiing fiend?

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Best inbounds line: Ruby Bowl, or anything off of Spanky’s.

Best out-of-bounds line: I’ve never had a bad run on “Husume.”

Best groomer run: Twist & Shout. It has the best rollers, so keep
in mind that a spotter is nice to have. You’ll know what I mean if
you ski this run fast enough.

Best glades: Christmas Trees or Frog Hollow.

Best skier on the mountain: There’s way too many to choose from… Probably Kye Petersen or Sean Pettit…Or Eric Hjorleifson or Ian McIntosh? Or maybe Mark Abma… Or Callum Pettit.

Best coffee shop in town: Mt. Currie Coffee Co.

Best breakfast spot at the mountain: Crystal Hut Waffles.

Best lunch spot on the mountain: Chic Pea has some healthier options and is usually less crowded. Glacier Creek if you’re on Blackcomb.

Best lunch spot in town: Splitz Grill.

Best dinner spot in town: Sushi Village—the hype is real. Rimrock Cafe if you’d rather eat birds or mammals.

Best après spot at the mountain: Merlin’s Bar & Grill.

Best place to grab an afternoon drink in town: Amsterdam.

Best nightlife spot: Depends which night, but there’s always a party somewhere. Brandy’s is a good weekend spot, where you will often find local boozehounds dancing until they are kicked out at 1 a.m.

Best ski shop: TMC Freeriders.

Best thing about the surrounding backcountry skiing: It’s literally endless, and you can spend all day in the trees while it’s snowing. Or shredding the alpine if it’s nice out and stable.

Best hot tub to poach: The Four Seasons or Marriott.

Best place to feel like a local: Skiing straight onto any lift on a mid-week pow day.

Strangest, yet coolest thing to do in the general area: Riding the bobsled track.

Best place to visit on a down day: The Function Junction area. There’s Bounce, which is a trampoline spot with a brewery, a mini skate ramp and tons of good food.

Best thing about 8,171 acres of lift-accessed terrain: You can always find acres other people haven’t yet. And even when people follow your tracks, you can just go find some more.

Best non-skiing activities around town, or outside of town: Rock climbing in Squamish.

One thing to do in Vancouver before you fly away from British Columbia: Explore Stanley Park and the seawall on bikes.

Best thing about summer skiing on the glacier: Skiing and swimming in the same day.

Best place to catch the sunset: On top of a line on Phalynx or the Spearhead; nothing beats dropping into Poop Chutes in that perfect glowing light, except maybe laughing about how awesome that was with your friends on the long cat-track back to Lot 8.

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