Local Beta: Killington

Here’s the inside line on where to eat, sleep, ski, repeat

Local Beta: Killington

Here’s the inside line on where to eat, sleep, ski, repeat

Sam Snyder

Age: 25
Hometown: Greenwich, Connecticut
Sponsors: None. But, a Pit Viter “Agent” and avid supporter of Vermont-Based HG Skis

Sam Snyder grew up in Switzerland and moved to the U.S. at age 10, so his skiing expectations were understandably high when he arrived at Killington. Yet, “The Beast” did not disappoint. Later on, while studying adventure education at nearby Green Mountain College, his love for central Vermont only grew, leading to a marketing gig at Killington and later a dream job at Ski The East. The man generally puts in 100 days on the hill each winter, is well known around town and also among the skiing community. Thus, he’s your go-to-dude for one of the East’s best offerings.

Photo: Chandler Burgess

Best thing about endless moguls at Killington: You ski for 10 minutes straight with Jell-O legs, get back on the chair and rip it again. If you haven’t experienced spring bumps at Killington, put it on your list. It is the quintessential spring skiing thing to do on the East Coast.

Best inbounds line: Early season Poma laps at Mouse Run Park are epic. Otherwise, if you’re not taking The Stash-to-Dreammaker park laps, or shredding Outer Limits, you’re an idiot.

Best groomer run: Needle’s Eye, right off the top of the Skyship Express Gondola. She’s long and fast.

Best lift to lap on a pow day: Snowdon Quad or Canyon Quad.

Best glades: Lowrider is a great time, and so is the The Stash. It’s pretty rare for a resort to have a glade run with park features.

Best thing about The Stash park: It’s just unlike any park you have ever skied through. The best is The Stash on a pow day. The woods around it have the best hidden features of the park by far, too.

Best place to scare yourself: Devil’s Fiddle, a big C-shaped double-black off of the Bear Mountain Quad.

Best coffee shop at the mountain: Cooper’s Coffee Bar at the K-1 Lodge. It’s a nice little café near the back deck.

Best coffee shop in town: Liquid Art. Great coffee, nice people and cool art. Grab a book and a coffee and relax.

Best breakfast spot at the mountain: Bear Mountain Lodge is rad.
It’s almost hard to ski after eating there because you’re so full, but
it’s worth it.

Best breakfast spot in town: Sunup Bakery. If you can get there when everything is still warm—7 a.m. on weekdays and 6:30 a.m. on weekends—you’ve done it right.

Best lunch spot on the mountain: Peak Lodge, for sure. The Peak Burger is bomb, there’s cool floor-to-ceiling glass and beers. All awesome things.

Best lunch spot in town: Phat Italian Market & Deli. Lots of super tasty sandwiches over there.

Best dinner spot on the mountain: The Ledgewood Yurt. You get taken there on a frickin’ horse drawn carriage.

Best après spot at the mountain: Roaring Brook Umbrella Bar. It really pops off in the spring. The roofs are open, you can sit on the snow below the Superstar chair and take in what the East Coast is all about.

Best place to grab an afternoon drink in town: Lookout Tavern.

Best nightlife spot: Jax Food and Games. They’ve got arcade games, cheap beers and tasty buffalo chicken dip. The Pickle Barrel is also sick. Don’t let the name fool you, either; it’s not all dudes all the time. Get there on a busy, long weekend or during the holidays and let the good times roll.

Best ski shop: First Stop Board Barn. Randy and Bill will take care of you. They’ve been around for 30-plus years, live and breath the scene and love shredding just as much as you. Tell them Sam Snyder sent you.

Best hot tub to poach: Any of the condos at the base of the mountain. Just walk in behind some family and you’re good.

Best place to feel like a local: Jax. But first: Do you vape and listen to dubstep and drink appletinis? Do not go to Jax. Do you like fighting bros from New Jersey? Do not go to Jax. Are you generally un-chill and people think you’re a boner? Do not go to Jax.

Best off-hill activity: Walking the Long Trail—which runs the entire length of Vermont—during winter is awesome. The Mountain Coaster is also sick. Do not touch the brake.

Best nearby town to see Vermont’s quaint vibe: Woodstock. It bleeds small-town New England. Just go explore the town. You will love it.

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